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Pet Society Updates – August 26th August 26, 2010

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There’s a new way to shop in Pet Society. If you’re visiting a friend’s house and see an item that you like, then you can click the shopping basket icon on the left side of the screen.  It’ll bring up a window to “Go on a shopping spree!”

This will allow you to view all the items in your friend’s room that are currently available in the stores. Any currently available items will have a dark brown outline around them.

When you mouse over an item that you like, you’ll see its price, and you can choose to purchase it directly from your friend’s house.

What do you think of the new shopping feature?  Do you think you’ll like shopping at your friend’s house, or do you prefer shopping and browsing in the Pet Society stores?


19 Responses to “Pet Society Updates – August 26th”

  1. metro_18 Says:

    Hey all, anyone had difficulties logging into the game?

    I started having problems about one hour ago.
    Earlier on, the game was still fine.. But my other playfish games nothing wrong.. really weird …

  2. That’s a great new feature! 🙂 It’ll make shopping a little easier! 🙂 But I wish it could work on past items! 😦 Cuz there are a few items from the 1st year (before everything changed) that I had my eyes on! 😉

    Oh well! 😦

    • A few commenters have mentioned that some old items are showing up as available through the new feature. I haven’t heard of this glitch working for any really old items though.

  3. metatonix Says:

    I’ve found items that were clearanced and removed from stores are purchasable through this!

  4. Yin Xia Says:

    I think this is also a good way to shop. 🙂 For example when we see some items in our friend’s house and wish to get it, we can just buy it instead of scrolling through the shops slowly. Also we can know if they are still available. 😀

  5. Sovia Says:

    I like the idea of it but when you click on something that from a mystery box or from any of the other box you don’t exactly get what you wanted to buy or it does kinda cheats you. I’m not sure of the seed trees and stuff yet. i guess we’ll see.

    • Mystery boxes are certainly a gamble. It’s safer to buy items from the stores, but you can find some special things in the mystery boxes too. If you need info on the seeds and trees, do a search at the top right for gardening posts, and you can see previous posts on the pet society garden. 🙂

  6. sung yun Says:

    can I add you as my friend? 🙂 if yes? how can I do it? 🙂

  7. pbmarana Says:

    there’s a stone pine pinecone tree!!!

  8. ang Says:

    curently are are a few glitches: u can buy the hotel plushie for 10 coins as well as previous OWO pink japanese futon and bed (sorry don’t know exact name)

  9. Owee Says:

    Theres a glitch, you can still buy hotel city plushies, WWF Scarlet Macaw/Jaguar/Toucan and Japanese pink beds using this feature for their previous prices

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