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Pet Society Mystery Items – August 26th August 26, 2010

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There are new updates in Pet Society today, one of which is new items in the mystery boxes. In the gold boxes, there’s a Dancing Pet Figurine and a Groundhog Plushie. In the purple boxes, there’s a Brown Cat Plushie.

I haven’t had much luck at all lately with mystery boxes, but today Momo and I found the groundhog plushie in the gold mystery boxes after buying just a few boxes.   I don’t think it looks like a groundhog at all!  What do you think?

Have you found any of the new items?


35 Responses to “Pet Society Mystery Items – August 26th”

  1. Lola Bunni Says:

    Doesn’t look like a groundhog at all! Reminds me a little of a red panda. I’ve stopped buying mystery boxes – I feel like I’m throwing my money away getting junk like wallpaper and such!


    misumisu found the groundhog after a few boxes too! We had trouble finding the figurine and tiger also.

  3. Peachy Says:

    Looks like a cute little ferret.

  4. ShadowCat Says:

    Doesn’t look like a groundhog, but it’s pretty cute!! I got 3 in just one batch of mystery boxes!

  5. gdgdgd Says:

    I’m looking for the brown cat right now 😛
    I dont mind wasting money on mystery boxes, all my rooms are done so i dont really spend my money!

  6. pocket Says:

    definitely looks like a ferret

  7. pinku Says:

    lucky lucky momo!!! i’m still looking but having no luck.. =(

  8. Yin Xia Says:

    It may not look like a groundhog.. But it is cute! 😉

  9. Krissy Says:

    I finally got the groundhog after 40 GMBs and the cat after just a few BMBs

  10. Psfan Says:

    I finally got the Dancing Pet Figurine after countless tries…

  11. ang Says:

    It took bout 30 groundhogs before I finally got the dancing figurine! I only started with 6000 coins and had to sellback and even sell 2 of my rare aquariums but got it in the end!! I had no trouble finding the cat tho~ good luck to others!

  12. Jennifer Says:

    I found the dancing figurine first, on like my second try which was great. I also have found HEAPS of the cat plushies, about 15 or so. And a couple of groundhogs as well

  13. ang Says:

    I wonder why it’s so glitched! Do u think PF purposely made the figurine hard to find? I mean they had to cuz if they were all random and by luck, that stats wouldn’t be so off~

  14. Coco Says:

    i’m trying my luck for 4 days but i still can’t find the figurine…
    i only get hundreds of groundhogs.. 😥

  15. moegymnast0723 Says:

    yaaay! i finally found the figureine! and thousands of groundhogs and the new cat!!!

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