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Pet Society: Glitchy Burgers August 25, 2010

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As I posted earlier today, Momo made a bunch of burgers from the Build a Burger mystery egg items in Pet Society.  Tonight, when I logged into the game, my burgers were collapsing, and layers were out of place. The tomatoes and crowns have fallen.

This is how my burgers looked this morning:

This is how they look now:

Are your burgers glitchy too?  Or is it just mine that are misbehaving?


23 Responses to “Pet Society: Glitchy Burgers”

  1. Jody Says:

    mine’s glitchy too. i thought it was me placing the burgers too high or something 😡

  2. moegymnast0723 Says:

    yep LOL mine did that too! omg pet society has lots of gliches!

  3. ray Says:

    me too! the things keep felling! 😦

  4. frost Says:

    hey pet society girl, i think it’s because u stack your hamburgers too high (:
    my short burgers were fine, only the tall ones are glitchy

  5. Vira Says:

    my burgers are fine. I stacked one of my burgers 9 layers high and it’s still the same when I log back in :/

  6. Passaby pet Says:

    Hey! Pet society is updated. Now you can buy items from your friend’s house.

  7. No matter how many eggs I buy I can’t get the cute bottom bun. 😦 why?!?!

  8. Gaby Says:

    yeah, mine are glitchy too 😦 I had made a huge ping burger and it completely collapsed!

  9. Cutie Pie Says:

    Oh that explains it! I was always thinking are my burgers to close to the books? So I didnt think that would happen so I just kept putting the crowns and the tomatoes back on multiple times.

  10. Peanut Says:

    Mine also keep falling, ahtough I didn’t stack them high at all!!! I tried to keep redoing it, didn’t work! 😦

  11. Pichu Says:

    Thx for posting, I won’t buy any burgers now until the problem is supposedly fixed. Maybe you can have a known glitches page. 😉

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