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Pet Society Beehive Tree Update August 25, 2010

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On Saturday, I posted about the Pet Society beehive tree’s missing bees.  I’m happy to spread the word that there’s news on the Playfish Forum regarding the beehive tree’s missing bees.  On August 26th, this problem will be fixed and the  animated bees will appear on our beehives trees!

I’m glad this issue will be fixed.  Momo’s excited to see the bees soon!


10 Responses to “Pet Society Beehive Tree Update”

  1. Funny Says:


    at last

    thank you very much for the post
    it just made my day and i am really looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!


  2. Vienietta Says:

    Yayy!!! finallyyy………….

  3. Owee Says:

    I also saw this at the forums 🙂 So excited!

  4. Amaya-chan Says:

    Hurray!! Can’t wait to see them! 😀

  5. Hunter Dowell Says:

    I’m very excited!

  6. FINALLY! 😀 I was disappointed to see that there were no bees! But thankfully this problem is being resolved! 😀

  7. Funny Says:


    i dont have any bees on my trees and it is allready the 26th of August and there are no bees
    is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

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