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Pet Society: Glitchy Burgers August 25, 2010

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As I posted earlier today, Momo made a bunch of burgers from the Build a Burger mystery egg items in Pet Society.  Tonight, when I logged into the game, my burgers were collapsing, and layers were out of place. The tomatoes and crowns have fallen.

This is how my burgers looked this morning:

This is how they look now:

Are your burgers glitchy too?  Or is it just mine that are misbehaving?


Pet Society Build a Burger Mystery Eggs

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Momo’s been buying eggs from the new Build a Burger mystery egg machine in Pet Society.  A single egg costs 200 coins, and you can get bonus eggs for buying 4 or 10 eggs at a time.

Inside the eggs, you can find the following 19 items:

Happy Burger Bun
Shocked Burger Bun
Cute Burger Bun
Sad Burger Bun
Confident Burger Bun
Bottom Burger Bun
Pink Bottom Burger Bun
Ketchup Burger
Cheese Burger
Grilled Sausage
Fried Chicken
Sliced Tomato
Cheese and Herbs
Green Salad
Top Flag
Top Cherry Tomato
Top Crowns
Top Olives

If you find all of the 19 build a burger items above, you’ll receive the Cherry Tomatoes as a completion reward!

The burger buns have the cutest faces, and they’re animated!  Momo cooked a lot of burgers.  Hideeni smelled the delicious burgers cooking and stopped by for dinner!

After all that cooking, Momo decided to throw a party for her friends.

Has your pet build a burger?  If so, please share a picture  in the Pet Society World Flickr Group. If you aren’t a member already, click here for details on how to join and post pictures to the group.


Pet Society Beehive Tree Update

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On Saturday, I posted about the Pet Society beehive tree’s missing bees.  I’m happy to spread the word that there’s news on the Playfish Forum regarding the beehive tree’s missing bees.  On August 26th, this problem will be fixed and the  animated bees will appear on our beehives trees!

I’m glad this issue will be fixed.  Momo’s excited to see the bees soon!