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New Pet Society Items – August 22nd August 22, 2010

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I hope you’re hungry for new items in Pet Society this week.

In the furniture store, there’s a sign for a new limited item that will appear tomorrow. The “one week only” items are the fast food counter, the fast food window view, and the fast food low table.

The “just arrived” items are the red kitchen bundle, which includes a set of kitchen items.  You can also individually buy the red kitchen counter, shelf, bench, table, fridge, pot, fruit basket, cooker, and stool, a strawberry juice dispenser, and a cold drink basket.

In the mystery shop, there’s a new Build a Burger mystery egg machine.

In the food shop, the “one week only” item is the fast food takeaway, and the “just arrived” item is the big orange cake.

In the clothing shop girl’s section, ask your friends to help you build the casual bunch wig (collaborative).  The “one week only” items are the updo wig, blue apron outfit, and the pink strawberry chef bundle.

In the boys’ section, the “just arrived” items are a red strawberry chef bundle, and a red chef hat and uniform

In the accessories section, the “just arrived” item is a pair of red headphones.

In the DIY store, the “one week only” items are the fast food orange wallpaper, fast food beige wallpaper, and the fast food beige floor. The “just arrived” items are the restaurant terrace wallpaper, fast food green wallpaper, and the fast food blue floor.

I like the Build a Burger mystery egg machine, but I’m not crazy about the other items this week.  I might buy a few kitchen items, since I like the color red..but Momo doesn’t even have a kitchen in her house right now, so maybe not.

What do you think? Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?


38 Responses to “New Pet Society Items – August 22nd”

  1. Vira Says:

    the build-a-burger thing seems cute
    I also like the style of the new wigs ^^

  2. Fenrixion Says:

    Sounds cool! I like the wigs..since I’m collecting wigs.*sigh* here goes my money again..*takes out wallet* aargh i cant help it!! I just love decorating.I decorate the main room in my pets house like every week. xD

  3. sophie Says:

    i bought the pink chef bundle thingy then moved onto the boys section and realised they had it in red 😦 dissapointed but ohwell Mushu will have to be a bit girly this week instead of the normal tomboyish pet she normally is.

  4. ceres-gal Says:

    love the new wigs and build a burger
    i have to make space to put the new burgers in xDD

  5. ??? Says:

    really love the updo wig! =D

  6. Someone Says:

    I love the new wigs 😀
    And where did you get the blue flower crown? It looks good 🙂


    I got everything, the completian award is cherry tomatoes, its like the single cherry tomato, except there are 4 in a row.

  8. ang Says:

    I love this week’s items^^ they are so fun and tasty, right on my birthday^^ aside from the ones mentioned, I also like the restaurant terrace wallpaper!

  9. Catalina Says:

    Hallo!!! do you remmember me PSG?
    I’m catalina! months ago I used to post a lot of comments, but then I had to study so I couldn’t do things like this.
    I Still love your blog, it’s so cool 🙂
    Abour the new items:
    they really nice, I loved the hamburgers to made-yourself, they’re really cute!! Specially the pink one 😛
    and the pink chef bundle too 😀
    well, I gotta go now!
    see ya soon!
    Catalina, Pet Society Totally Addict!

    • Hi Catalina! Yes, I remember you! I’m so glad you’re back!! It’s very important to study, and the game will always be there when you’re done. 🙂

      I agree, the hamburgers are very very cute! I like the chef clothes too.

  10. Iris Says:

    hey guys ! i was just wondering if anyone is having trouble buying the deep fat fryer ( the limited edition item ) ?? coz im having trouble !!

  11. frost Says:

    yes!! i totally cant buy the deep fat fryer -.- playfish is doing such a slipshod work about this

  12. Iris Says:

    haha yea it says i cant buy because ive bought another limited edition item… but thats the only one available and i havent bought it -__-

  13. Can Says:

    Um… I accidentally bought 2… somehow. Playfish was supposed to fix the glitch!!! *mad*

  14. moegymnast0723 Says:

    pet society is poor i keep thinking
    and btw lollypop collection sells for 209 coins

  15. tigres Says:

    i love the build a burger i got all and the complete reward… ( 😀 )

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