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Pet Society – Where are the Beehive Tree’s Bees? August 21, 2010

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Momo and I grew a beehive tree a few weeks ago. We anxiously awaited the appearance of some bees and honey pots on the tree.  Today, we found a honey pot on the tree.  Although Momo dressed up like a bee to befriend the tree’s bees, there were none to be found on her tree.

Has anyone else seen bees on their beehive tree?  The sign in the garden shop asks us to “watch the bees,” and the PS blog depicts bees on the tree in the “final evolved stage” of the beehive tree seed (shown below).

By the way, the super-cute honey pots sells for 85 coins each.  I love them!


18 Responses to “Pet Society – Where are the Beehive Tree’s Bees?”

  1. jojo Says:

    excuse me,but can you find the new digging item?it seems really cool and i want to make sure it’s there before i start…

  2. Yazmat Says:

    Nope no bees in sight 😦

  3. Hunter Says:

    That would be awesome if bees swarmed the tree!!!!! But alas I have four trees and not one bee!

  4. Owee Says:

    No bees 😦

  5. ceres-gal Says:

    no bees so far

  6. ang Says:

    at least we know some people have it 😛 ~

  7. Eyelash Says:

    No bees for me. Still love the honey pot tree anyway. :3

  8. lalalay Says:

    no bee

  9. ang Says:

    this will be fixed on AUg 26th I heard from the blog 🙂

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