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A Chance to Provide Pet Society with Feedback August 18, 2010

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Hey everyone!

There’s a new topic at the Playfish Forums today called “The Listening Thread” and a Playfish employee has asked for player feedback.  I spent my lunch hour writing up and posting my feedback on Pet Society.  It’s great to have an opportunity to provide feedback on a game that I’ve played for over two years, especially since I’ve felt like Playfish hasn’t listened to its players as well as it could.

Here’s your chance to provide any comments, complaints and feedback on Pet Society.  Let’s hope they really listen!

By the way, I post as Pet.Society.World over there. Feel free to add me as a friend if you’re a reader and member over there. 😀


63 Responses to “A Chance to Provide Pet Society with Feedback”

  1. nour Says:

    Finally I will add u

  2. Can Says:

    Hi, So you ARE the user Pet.Society.World on the forum? Yay! Can I add you as a friend please? 😀

  3. Can Says:

    And by the way, I loved your reply, you really summed up what had to be said 🙂

  4. Bidoue Says:

    I’ve submitted an idea on this thread, tell me what you think :
    Put a few CC at the daily lottery. For instance, they could replace 1 or 2 amounts by 2PFC or 3PFC…
    There are games on facebook with this system, and I really think this could enjoy a lot of PS players!

    If some of you are on the forum, maybe if you backup this idea it will be considered.

    • Can Says:

      Thats a nice idea, but I doubt they will make it that random to get cc, I think if they made it like Farmville or other games and gave just a cc when you level up every few levels, it would be great. I doubt mark is reading everything though, read my post just up here 😀

      • Bidoue Says:

        Yeah I’ve red it, that’s why I’m saying that maybe if this idea get some support, repetitively on the thread he will read it at least once ! haha 😀

        I think it’s a good idea too, I was thinking the same about CC when you level up since I play frontierville. Even if zynga propose a lot of things in cash, at least the give away one cash by level !

      • Not sure if he read mine either. I haven’t visited the topic since this afternoon, and I’m sure there are many more pages now!

    • That’s a good idea. Next time I visit the topic, I’ll quote you with some support!

  5. Bidoue Says:

    BTW thank you for noticing us this thread, as there is not much communication from PS, I wouldn’t have noticed it !

  6. Can Says:

    And I have bad-ish news. I finally got a reply from Mark! (which is good) 😀 but only to my tiny question, I had a huge list, which he didnt answer. He said that cc items can be gifted only if hackers can be stopped permanently. Which is nearly impossible T_T…

    • Chloe Says:

      That’s kind of weird! In my experience a lot of the reason why people hack or buy hackd stuff at all is because otherwise you can’t get items from past events and whatnot. Like if I wanted to buy Halloween 2009 cash items, I don’t even have the option of trading with 999s or getting it with cash, the ONLY way I could get that kind of thing is hacked. I think making the stuff giftable would cut back on that.

    • Aww, that’s a shame. I really feel that if you’ve spent real money to buy something that you can do what you want with it.

  7. Hunter Dowell Says:

    The comments you left were amazing! I especially love 2, 6, 7, 10, and 12! I really like how you have given your readers a distinct voice! Thanks!

    Hopefully they will listen this time and make Pet Society even better!

  8. Gaby Says:

    I think the only think you missed is suggesting that treasure hunting earns paw points since it eats a lot of my money! The rest of your list was everything I wanted to say.

    • That’s a good point! I often forget about my paw points because I was at the highest level…but now PF added new levels.

      • Gaby Says:

        I’ve just remembered something else, yo should suggest something like the lottery that gives you playfishcash you show once in this blog. That might me a good way to keep some players happy, players that are annoyed that a lot of new and cute things are PFC items.

        • I haven’t read through the whole topic at the Playfish forum, but from what I read, I saw that a few people have suggested putting playfish cash on the lottery. I didn’t see if Mark responded to their comments though.

  9. KL Says:

    I completely agree with everything you said except the part about the boy pet. I have a boy pet, and the fact that there aren’t a lot of boy clothes makes me happy because then…well, less coins to spend for me. What I mean to say is, I don’t really mind. It’s good that you mentioned it, because there probably people like that out there. Just voicing the other side. C:

  10. Owee Says:

    Oh Hey, I saw you on the forum previously, we’re already friends and Im Owee97 🙂 good to see you there, its lots of fun in forum

  11. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    hey pet society girl, why do my homegrown fruits have the word new on them???

    • Do you mean that it says “NEW” when you put the homegrown fruits in your inventory? Well I have been experiencing something similar to that too!

      What I’m guessing is that every time a new item gets put into your inventory, it will automatically be put at the very beginning page in it. This happened to the treasure items I dug up and a piece of furniture I bought in the game today. Today is the day when Playfish updates the game (new Mystery Boxes, Free Gifts, etc.), so I think that this is a new update, and not a glitch.
      Pet Society probably did this so that players wouldn’t have to search through pages in their inventory to find an item (but then there’s the search tool in the inventory too… …).

      How about you Pet Society Girl? What do you think?

      • I think this is a really helpful new feature! I’ve been finding it difficult to remember all the item names, and this makes it really easy to find mystery items after opening boxes. 🙂

    • Can Says:

      It is a new update. I think it was added for us to find Mystery box items since we cant see the names 😦

    • All the newest items we buy, open, or harvest seem to get a “new” tag. It makes it easier to find them.

  12. Beth Says:

    now when you get something new to your chest or wardrobe it brings it to the front and says new! in red writing

  13. Evaristar Says:

    I can’t make an account, so can someone post this feedback for me please :)?

    I love pet society. It’s a great game, and i play it all the time 😀
    I wish there was less Playfish Cash items. I’m underage (and so are most of the players), and therefore can’t buy any Cash, and it’s extremely unfair for us 😦

    It would be great if you added prizes (like the previous levels) to the levels 48-100. It makes the game more fun 🙂

    I wish the mystery boxes had less old/unused items, because of those, the odds of finding newer items are extremely low, and sometimes I miss items that are “this week special”.

    I’m sure it’s been stated before, but I wish more (if not all) the items were giftable. I have a load of unused, rare fish that my friends want and i can’t give them any 😦

    A little minor thing, i wish the Daily Wheel had a different prize than the cat 😛 it’s been like that for months, and i’ve had over 10 cats so far. Maybe you could change it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?

    Another minor thing, i love the digging sites. It’s really fun! But, to make it more interesting, could you maybe change the number of 1 weekly item to 2 or 3? I hate getting the same things over and over again, just because i’m looking for 1 thing.

    That’s all i need to say.
    Thanks playfish, for this great game, and i hope it improves! 😀

  14. can you give me the name of your facebook

  15. Kristyn Says:

    Hi PSGirl. =) It’s nice to see you posting on the forum. I added you as a friend; my username on the forum is Sugarface.
    I agree with all your feedback and I hope Mark eventually answers it. I made a very long post and he told me “less is more,” so when the thread is reopened I’m going to try posting about one issue at a time. Maybe you could try the same. =)

    Oh, and about adding friends just for the game: Did you know you can make a “list” of friends and then control what the people in that list can see and post on?

  16. Funny Says:

    So pet society girls

    whats your user name on facebook?

  17. jadz Says:

    how can i add you? 🙂

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