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Pet Society – Oversized Pocketwatch August 17, 2010

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The latest limited edition item in Pet Society is the oversized pocketwatch.

It costs 8000 coins! What do you think of the price?  Is the pocketwatch worth it?


31 Responses to “Pet Society – Oversized Pocketwatch”

  1. Lyssa Says:

    It’s very shiny xD I bought it, and I would pay for others to buy it. But of course… 😛 That’s superrr biased, right? x3

  2. Skippy Says:

    did momo bought the watch?

  3. ioka Says:

    can i ask you where did momo find this lovely white wig??

    i am going to buy the pocketwatch..! 😉

  4. Viienietta Says:

    Oh I hate the pocketwatch!! Totally not worth 8000 coins 😦 And Momo finally wearing a wig 😀

    …. she looks sooo cute 🙂

  5. I think it is a bit expensive, even though it’s a “LIMITED EDITION” item!

    But I bought one anyways, I buy all of the “LIMITED EDITION” (coin) items.

  6. Kate Says:

    i wanted to buy one, there is still 40 minutes for me to buy it. but it always saying me> sorry, you can’t buy it now!


    mmm Its so not worth it… its just a giant shiny watch… :/

  8. Ebola Says:

    im actually thinking bout doing some sort of london tower clock with the oversized watch, i’m still thinking how to do it, but it’s something worth trying.

    that’s the only reason i bought that overpriced watch =S

  9. somebody Says:

    sorry this is out of topics
    I’m experiencing a total reload ‘everytime’ i play pet society on this several days. (the total reload i mean is what we usually had on Monday / Friday when Playfish updated something new)
    Did anyone had the same problem?

  10. Can Says:

    Hi! I’ve been visiting your site for about 5 months, and congratulations, your site is very nice!

    I want to ask a question:

    Are you the user called Pet.Society.World On the playfish forum? If yes, can I add you as a friend there? Thanks 😀

  11. ang Says:

    no not worth it…but I bought it and I’m glad because it’s actually pretty cute ^O^

  12. moegymnast0723 Says:

    how can i search you on facebook

  13. Sung Yun Says:

    There is also a really small, cheap looking wach that is 10,000 coins. It is even more expensive than that and is REALLY cheap looking. I even think they made some error in the price or something. It is REALLY expensive

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