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Pet Society Fish (Release 44): Safetypinfish August 14, 2010

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A new fish was added to the Pet Society pond yesterday. The new fish is a safetypinfish. It’s a regular fish that can be caught with any type of bait.

Momo caught the safetypinfish with a cold drink.  She and I are still trying to catch the fizzyfish!

Have you caught the new fish?

For more info on the fish and other items in the pet society fish pond, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List!


17 Responses to “Pet Society Fish (Release 44): Safetypinfish”

  1. Munchkins is trying to find the fish too! I hope it’s easy to catch 🙂

  2. ray Says:

    Hope u can catch the fizzyfish!

  3. Veronique Says:

    Yori is going to go try to catch one today. I already caught the fizzyfish (after getting romantic ice fish, and ever junk item under the sun)

  4. Rhiannon Says:

    I hope to get it soon. I’m trying for months now to get the strawberry fish and the seahorse (and others…). Some fishes are really hard to get :S

  5. Paige Says:

    I caught that fish like two days ago using an apple bought from the market!!

  6. ray Says:

    i have all the fishes! hope u can catch 1 fizzyfish!

  7. ray Says:

    thank u! love ur blog! 🙂

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