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Pet Society Updates – August 13th August 13, 2010

There were a number of Pet Society updates today.  The maximum level has been raised to 100 now! I hope we’ll earn some new rooms for reaching higher levels, but I haven’t heard anything about this yet.

Although the Pet Society officials announced yesterday that the Jubble rings would be sold for coins through Monday at midnight GMT, they were changed to Playfish cash with today’s update.  😦 This update really stinks.

A Diamond Ring Headband was added to the “Town Forest” as the latest weekly treasure hunt item.

Also, a button headband was added as the free gift to send to your friends.


9 Responses to “Pet Society Updates – August 13th”

  1. GreyKitten Says:

    I hate this update about the Jubble Rings turning to PFC, I like the Diamond Ring and Button Headband.

  2. Ebola Says:

    a few updates… i have some friends with lvl 100… and as far as one of them told me the only reward for those extra levels is only the 100 coins you get for leveling up, i hope they put some other rewards, cause i feel that it doesnt make a real difference if you get a new level if there’s no reward (im already lvl 49)

  3. Viienietta Says:

    My best friends and I

  4. Viienietta Says:

    I cant blieve Playfish!!! How can they go against what they had announced….. Its ok for me since I have collected all 3 jubbles… but most of my friends have’nt and now they never will be able to 😦 I gifted them a few but now that isnt possible since you cant gift then anymore 😦

  5. *Mrs. ViCorn* Says:

    My pet Renesmee had alredy found the Diamond Ring headband.
    I uploaded the picture to Flick.

  6. nico luis Says:

    i like playfish

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