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Pet Society Mystery Items – August 13th August 13, 2010

The new mystery items are out.  I haven’t been able to find any of them. 😦 In the gold boxes, there’s a Pink Thread Seat and a Duck Stamp Picture. In the purple boxes, there’s a Thimble Flower Pot.

The probability of finding new items is so low now.  I also think a lot of valuable mystery items have been removed from the boxes.  I looked on my list of mystery box items and noticed that the lion plushie is no longer on the list.  Have you noticed any other items that used to be mystery items that now seem to be removed from the boxes?

In trying to figure out whether items were removed, I just found a helpful topic made by Minara from the Pet Society Forum. It’s a list of the current 999 items in the boxes and the ones that have been removed. It looks like 999 items are being removed every week now. 😦

I don’t think I’ll be buying mystery boxes much anymore.  What do you think?  Have you had any luck with mystery boxes lately?


40 Responses to “Pet Society Mystery Items – August 13th”

  1. Mariana Says:

    I don´t like to buy mystery boxes because mostly when I buy them I get horrible things, like some ugly pants or ugly hats. I think they should take those things off the boxes, all those old and ugly designs. There are nice things, but it’s difficult to get them.

  2. Ebola Says:

    i used to buy at least 10k in mystery boxes till the new mystery colection thing appeared, and since then, getting 999 items is getting really hard…

  3. Marxy Says:

    Sorry hear that.
    With all the changes Marxy finally decided not to buy mystery boxes anymore, it’s a waste of coins, and I’m tired of getting those ugly junk
    it’s a ‘bye bye mystery haunting’ for me.

  4. GreyKitten Says:

    I, unfortunately have stopped searching for new items in the Mystery boxes. What is even worse that is the fact that I’m starting to like Restaurant City more.

  5. Fenrixion Says:

    Will you be posting about the items found in the treasure hunting underwater place? Haha I’m sorry but I’m not sure what the name is. 🙂

  6. Persia (pet name) Says:

    To petsociety: help a new day this time “Indonesian Day”
    Please ..

  7. Serendepity Says:

    Sorry, this is unrelated, but…
    I’ve been saving up for both jubble rings and plane tickets, and both seem to have suddenly disappeared. I know about the jubble rings now – grr! – but those 6100 coin plane tickets that used to be in the boutique are GONE!
    This is very annoying. I’ve been saving for several weeks now, being not on a high level, and I just wanted to know – has anyone seen those plane tickets? Does anyone have an idea on why they’ve gone? And is there any hope of finding them again?

  8. ceres-gal Says:

    haven’t had much luck (and coins) for quite a while now.. xD i will still attempt to complete the whole set… but i guess it will take ages and aaaayges

  9. kawaii Says:

    20 expensive mystery box and i don’t get any new items, and just sell 1 for 999 coins =/

    • Bubbly Says:

      i just calculated (with the data of this page: how high the possibility of getting a 999 item would be, if every item had the same possibility…
      at the moment there are 218 different items, 63 of them are 999ers, which sounds quite ok in my eyes. that means, in every 3,5th box (ok, bad number, something between 3 and 4) must be a 999er.
      compared with your possibility (one expensive item after 20 boxes) it really gets weird. i only see two possible solutions for that:
      1) you had extremely bad luck^^
      2) pet society has programmed different possibilities for worthy and stupid stuff. and actually, this is the right solution i think. especially when i think of that stupid lottery wheel which nearly NEVER produces a 2000, but almost always a 245. it’s not ok to pretend a “fair game” with secretly destroying your chances of a win.

  10. lily Says:

    i u want to see this pictures go to

  11. ShadowCat Says:

    So far I’ve found 2 Duck Stamp Pictures, without even trying! No sign of the other news items yet though.

  12. beckieface Says:

    i never get the boxes tbh :/
    i always get really bad items anyway or things i never want, but then i end up keeping them because they are 999 D:
    so i just trade for the items i want (if i like any) its cheaper.

  13. lalalay Says:

    i no this is off topic but i let go of my soap and hidinee grabbed it and started cleaning himself anyone see that before?

  14. fsfs Says:

    Whether things are 999 or not, i love mystery box item hunting 😀
    I try to not let the prices change my opinion

  15. kimi Says:

    Hi! I just want to ask if there’s a completion award with all the mystery boxes, especially the expensive mystery boxes, not only the build a plushie box. thanks!

    • There are no completion awards listed for the mystery boxes. That would be neat though, but since new items are added each week, I don’t think they’ll add completion awards.

  16. i noe now its harder 2 find them 😦 i couldnt find anyof the previous week’s items 😦

  17. Peanut Says:

    I gave up buying mystery boxes now.. It’s getting harder, and I kept getting a lot of junks! I also don’t like the fact that you can’t buy as many as you want.. You’re forced to buy the number of items according to the rule! So stupid 😦

  18. moegymnast0723 Says:

    i keep thinking pet society is poor
    the lollypop collection sells ffor 209 coins!!!

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