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Pet Society Playhouse August 11, 2010

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I’m catching up on Pet Society posts today.  I never posted a follow-up post on the Pet Society Playhouse.  Momo finally completed building hers and unlocked the new room!

The playhouse is really big!  Momo could fit inside it if she wanted to.

I’m so happy to finally have a new room (its the room with the “?” in the house diagram below).  It’s nice that there’s one room for non-Playfish Cash players.

Here’s Momo inside her playhouse.

Did your pet finish building the playhouse?  If so, how did you decorate yours?


37 Responses to “Pet Society Playhouse”

  1. ang Says:

    Congrats! I decorated this room with many pink stuff esp. from the Marie Antoinette theme. It’s my French, art, cafe and romantic dining room ^^ Enjoy!

  2. Pandina Says:

    lol i decorated this room with just a heap of pink and glow-in-the-dark things

  3. Rhiannon Says:

    I will finish it soon. I only miss a few paints 🙂
    I don’t know yet how I will decorate it though 😛

  4. Funny Says:

    I decorated it with my old christmas items

  5. Funny Says:

    and it looks preety cute

  6. Funny Says:

    Petsociety girls can you please put a photo of your playhouse when you finished decorating it?

  7. kawaii Says:

    I decorated the room with a lot of teddies =)

  8. Vira Says:

    i put all my doll mystery egg items in it ^-^

  9. Fenrir Says:

    Congrats, Petsocietygirl!! 😀 i haven’t got it yet..cos i’m too lazy haha. i think i’ll make it into a garden or something. or a den. Can you put wallpaper on it?

    • Thanks! You can’t change the wallpaper or flooring in the room. I’m going to try to cover the pink though. Momo’s pink enough and I don’t want her to disappear in the room. haha

  10. GreyKitten Says:

    My Playhouse is decorated into a room which Susan hides when she wants some quiet time.

  11. i finished mine and i made it a lounge/the showcase for hideeni’s shells. so mooky can relax there but can also take a look at her shells if she wanted to. 🙂

  12. PSM Says:

    Do you know, Playfish best game now is Restaurant City.

    You can check if you want.
    RC has 21,000,000+ active user.
    But PS now has 14,000,000 only.

  13. KIKI Says:


  14. LaDy PasTa Says:

    i decorated mine and made it a bedroom its really cute and looks like a cute private bedroom with a window (pink ofcourse) 😀 i wanted to buy the doll house egggs but they were too expensive..

  15. Bets Says:

    Hi PSG! (yes, it’s meeeeep!) I’ve been catching up on PS lately. :] I can’t figure out how to build the collaborative items at all. Every time I click on ask your friends for help, it asks me to invite friends to join PS (with a message, then, for them to get wood/nails etc.) instead of creating a wall post. I’ve messed with my facebook application publishing permissions to no avail, either. Anyway, I don’t want to invite anyone to join PS… did it work in a different way for you?

    • Hi meeeeep! Some of the collaborative items are personal facebook requests (like the playhouse where you ask for wood/nails etc.), so choose friends who play the game to send requests to and you won’t have to invite someone new to play. All your facebook friends appear in the list (whether they play or not), which is really annoying. I think Pet Society wants us to send out accidental invites.

      Some of the collaborative items appear as wall posts like the recent wig in the clothing store. You can select who sees your wall posts (I think!).

  16. Noam Says:

    Hey Momo, I new to the website (Even I surf it before)
    I happy to see there a web for a happy pet!,
    It funny cause You and Speedy (Mine Pet) finished at the same day
    to build the Doll House =], I decorated mine with Love Items which I got from last Valentine Day ! , I can support you by giving u some ideas. Just make a reply here.

  17. Krista Says:

    PSG – I had a quick question. Can we sell the playhouse and still keep the room or are we required to keep the playhouse in order to have the free room with the question mark?

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