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Pet Society Treasure Hunting Update – August 6th August 6, 2010

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The Pet Society treasure hunting feature was updated today with new “weekly” item at the “Town Forest” digging site.  The new item is the Book of Spells, and if you dig one up, it’ll be located in your clothing inventory.

Momo is holding the Book of Spells below:

Do you like the new item?

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11 Responses to “Pet Society Treasure Hunting Update – August 6th”

  1. Vira Says:

    got one on my forth go. i think it’s cute, but i expected the book to be tucked under the arm :L

  2. Jann Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!
    It’s just like Sakura Card Captor!!! :3

    • Elli(: Says:

      thats exactly what i was thinking, the sceptor that is going to be released in the next few days also looks like sakuras(:

  3. Lyssa Says:

    I think the Pet’s should have hands when they hold the book. Otherwise, it’s like a shield…although a book could be used that way, being so think and all……. xD

  4. ang Says:

    wow congrats momo!! I have no luck yet ><

  5. lalalay Says:

    i luv da new lady papa wig!
    i bought it

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