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Pet Society Mystery Box/Egg Updates – August 6th August 6, 2010

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There’s a brand new mystery box and mystery egg feature.  It’s hard to get used to the changes.  I tried the new feature out this afternoon, and think it has both good and bad points.

One of the negative points is that the feature has added more clutter to the playing screen.

By clicking the new button, you can look at all your mystery items (unfortunately, the names of the items aren’t included). I think it’s a plus that we can see how many items of certain sets that we’re missing.

You can buy mystery boxes/eggs from the new screen or from the store. Purchases from the store  will also pull up the new screen.  For buying 3 or 10 gold boxes, you’ll receive free boxes with your purchase. That’s a nice new feature (though I’ll miss my old method of buying six boxes at a time)!

Our pets can’t open the boxes/eggs by themselves anymore.  Now you can only open boxes and eggs through this mystery egg/box screen. The mystery items you open will appear on the left side of the screen. Unfortunately, the name of the mystery items are nowhere to be found while opening boxes. While you can brag about or gift the new item, you can’t sell the item.  I think a selling feature would be far more useful than bragging (a feature I’ll never use)!

I bought a bunch of mystery boxes today, and I didn’t find a single item that re-sold for 999 coins!  I think that trying to find new mystery items is near impossible, and I’m really sad that the probability of finding junk is so so much higher than finding valuable items. I don’t think mystery box hunting is nearly as much fun as it used to be. 😦

Well, here’s my summary of  positive and negative points for the new mystery item feature.

Ability to see all mystery items classified in one screen
Bonuses when purchasing certain quantities of boxes/eggs

Finding new or valuable items is nearly impossible after the update
Mystery item names are not available in the list or after opening a box/egg (how will we find new items in our inventory if we don’t know their names?)
Inability to sell new or old mystery items through this feature (it would be great to be able to sell duplicate mystery items easily)
New icon adds more clutter on the playing screen
Pets are not involved in opening boxes/eggs
Feature would be more useful if incorporated into the inventory chests, so that we could find and interact with items from a certain set, instead of just viewing them.

I used to love opening mystery boxes, but these updates took the fun out of opening mystery boxes.  Momo lost far more coins than usual, and didn’t find any nice items today.

What do you think?


27 Responses to “Pet Society Mystery Box/Egg Updates – August 6th”

  1. pinku Says:

    Really thankful for this post!

    I’ve been very very confused with the changes since it was introduced last night (for me).. I went through the forums and there wasn’t anything much of help.. also tried to figure things out myself.. but it might just have been all the icons on screen.. that I got more befuddled than ever.. =(

    The one-click to MB/eggs is good.. but.. like you pointed out.. it’s been soooo difficult finding any 999s.. plus it also takes the fun out of buying MBs.. PF might as well remove the entire Mystery Shop all together!!!

  2. Vira Says:

    i like how you can get bonuses, but i still prefer it the way before.

  3. kimi Says:

    hi… I’ve read your negative feedback about the new “mystery boxes”… that’s one of the reasons why I play pet society… because of the mystery boxes… but the chances to get the new items seemed less… I’ve been buying 4 boxes but mostly I get is the old items and the cheap ones… I’ve lost 10k for nothing… unlike before I sell those I’ve got that I don’t like and I don’t lose money that easily.


    I love the new features on the boxes, especially without going to the mystery store over and over again, but I still would like them in my inventory. I use to make 1k-3k profits, and now Misumisu is losing up to 2000 coins

  5. jan di Says:

    Sakurina and I really dislike this new feature! All of the fun has been taken out of finding whats inside, and not only that but we are losing a lot of money…

    Sakurina loved opening the boxes herself…now it seems much less interactive. I don’t think this feature was very well thought-out, and we should think about starting a petition to make mystery box opening the way it used to be!

  6. Funny Says:

    It is really making me want to buy mystery boxes and stuff cause i want to have everything

    and it is just wasting my money

  7. Gaby Says:

    I also think that with the new feature the paw points added are fewer. Buying 6 GMB used to give me 120 paw poinst, while now buying 10+3 only gives me 12 or 20! That is really unfair!

  8. KiKi Says:

    The 3 plus 1 deal is more worth it if you divide the total costs by the number of boxes 🙂

    Anyone think that there are items missing from the list? I can’t seem to find my tissue box decor in the purple mystery box section…

    • I think items have been removed from the mystery boxes, or they aren’t appearing on the lists. Along with not seeing the tissue box, I don’t see the lion plushie on my gold box list.

  9. Nooey Says:

    I think pet society’s quality is going down it was so much more fun last time =(

  10. Bidoue Says:

    Can you believe this ? Last week, i was so confused about petsociety that I wanted to delete my secondary account. So I decided to spend all my money left to my primary account, with the new feature, easy ! So, I bought 65 GMG last Friday and, I only found 3 items which were re-soldable for 999 coins and a few items for 499 but it’s ruining us !! What a scam ! Sincerely, i love playing PS but days are passing and the best word to describe PS is not “Fun” anymore but profit and money … It’s really sad and disappointing

  11. yumyum Says:

    hi petsociety girl do u know that there a PINK retro glasses i already found it o hope u did to :)))

  12. KiKi Says:

    they just changed the 3 plus 1 deal!!! 😦 think they realized it was slightly illogical there. so now the last deal is the most worth it, but it’s so expensive >.<

  13. yumyum Says:

    im missing the items in ‘win or lose MB’ i usally get pies ijust save up to 5,000 the i paid the 13 boxes and the only thing neat was a chair they were all pies
    whats happening to petsociety 😦

    my other question:
    would you prefer to be rich or give up momo im just asking

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