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Pet Society Deep Ocean Treasure Hunt August 6, 2010

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Today, Pet Society added a new “Deep Ocean” digging site to go treasure hunting at.

It looked really neat…until we realized it was a Playfish Cash treasure hunt site.

Happily, Playfish seems to have some sympathy for the non-Playfish cash players, and each player will receive 5 free Playfish cashΒ  shovels (blue shovels) per day along with five regular shovels.Β  You have to use the shovels that day or you’ll lose them.

With her 5 free blue shovels, Momo found a deep ocean chair and a blue mermaid dress. Yay!

What did you and your pet find in the deep ocean treasure hunt site?


93 Responses to “Pet Society Deep Ocean Treasure Hunt”

  1. pinku Says:

    Wasn’t there a mermaid costume introduced a while ago…? Does the pet’s feet stick out as well..? Cos I can see Momo’s toes in this one! XD

    • There are a few other mermaid costumes, the gold mermaid dress, blue goldfish gown, and mermaid dress (purple). Momo’s toes stick out a tiny bit in all four of the mermaid dresses. Maybe she has big feet! πŸ˜‰

  2. gavin Says:

    Awhile ago I got a water drop hat
    and it bounces on your head
    with a happy face on it

  3. frost Says:

    i found the magic mermaid dress, and my pet glides around instead of walking! it’s so cool πŸ˜€

  4. Kasey!(: Says:

    I found a happy dolphin(:

  5. GreyKitten Says:

    I found nothing as of yet. 😦

    • LaDy pAsAtA Says:

      wow gavin and frost u both are lukkky!! but have u noticed that u can only but shovels with playfish cash!thats sadd 😦 but they gave everyone 5 free shovels so i got .. and sea aquarium but u need like,,,7 parts to compete 😦 sooo saad i want somrthing better! waaaa

  6. SaraLeeCheesecake Says:

    I got The CURLY LONG WIG and it’s purple and really long.. I also got a sea aquarium…

  7. Yin Xia Says:

    At first, I really thought it was just like any other digging spot. Until I tried to buy more shovels.. 😦 But at least, we get 5 free shovels daily! πŸ˜€

  8. haruko(my pet name) Says:

    I didn’t get anything yet
    I hope I will get something tomorrow

  9. SarahCUPCAKE Says:

    I got the water drop hat and the happy dolphin:)

  10. Owee97 Says:

    My pet found a long curly wig which has a unique purple color

  11. hui ning Says:

    got two aquariums and a mermaid dress

  12. moegymnast0723 Says:

    lol i got everything except 4 rare

  13. moegymnast0723 Says:

    lool i had 2 extra account so yea πŸ˜€

  14. Did anyone notice that each time you click on a spot in this mine and your pet goes there to dig, money -or yellow coins- pops up?

  15. Lily Says:

    I got a magnet / treasure bait and then the wall/ mirror aquarium.

  16. ang Says:

    I’ve found quite a few items.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just as a caution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The happy dolphin is a fish item (even tho giftable) so after the limit, I think 5, it will auto-sell!

  17. tigres Says:

    i got happy dolphin,bathtub , bed, long curly hair…. LOL πŸ˜€

  18. SaraLeeCheesecake Says:

    I just got the Deep Ocean Bath Tub. It’s cool!

  19. somebody Says:

    @PS Girl: please made some page about 14 deep sea the treasures (treasure bait items). Since ‘Treasure Bait’ is now achievable in treasure hunt πŸ™‚

  20. Funny Says:

    I really really really want the water drop hat!!!!!!

  21. daniela Says:

    i found a happy dolphin and you could put it in the aquarium like a normal fish!! i thought it was a plushie or something

  22. yumyum Says:

    only things i got are treasure bait and deep sea table

  23. ang Says:

    I’ve gotten everything except for rare dress, treasure bait and haven’t completed the aquarium yet/

    BTW my party ended today! 😦 I think balloons are gone too T_T my house seems so lonely and quite w/o my party friends.

  24. I think there’s a glitch in the Deep Sea: On the Official Website, it shows “Magic Mermaid Dress Illustration(Functional and RARE!)” It shows 13 items to collect. But in the game, there are only 12 to be found and it show the “Magic Mermaide Dress” as the RARE item! But it’s suppose to be the “Magic Mermaid Dress Illustration”!

  25. LaDy PasTa Says:

    oh i didnt notice that everyday u can get free 5 playfish shovels so… if i work hard i can get the things i want ;D just gotta be patient.. :S

  26. kennethkarlsotomango Says:

    i found the deep ocean bath tub and deep ocean mirror

  27. Elli(: Says:

    I’ve collected everything so far, apart from the aquarium, which i’ve only found one piece of):
    i also caught the treasure bait, which i like because it is basically a free pfc item(:
    good luck digging everyone! ^.^

  28. NevenaSerbia Says:

    I got treasure bait that cost 6 playfish cash and with him i caught a beautiful sea castle. sorry for bad english 😦

  29. LaDy PasTa Says:

    haha you english is perfect πŸ˜€ and i got the happy dolphin and 1 peice of aquarium, golden treasure bait,blue mermaid dress,blue water droplet that jumps .. so cute :* and i soo want the purple wig.. in the enchanted forest digging site wich u can unlock my building baloon, i got a pink romanitic pixie wig! but its not that nice. 😦 who has got that wig? :O

    • Elli(: Says:

      I have got the wig, but with the blue mermaid dress it looks a tad too blue, so I dyed it dark brown… I havnt found another so I can keep it in the original colour as well, though ):
      hope you find one!

    • I found the pink pixie wig too. It looks so bad on Momo, since she’s ends up pink all over. haha

  30. ioka Says:

    i got a chair, 2 dolfins, a purple wig, the happy drop hat, an d a bait. with tha bait i found a long blue mermaid wig in the pond. as long as the purple wig!

  31. michael Says:

    i got it all except 4 the magic mermaid dress and 5 more parts of the sealife aquarium..

  32. michael Says:

    i got it all except 4 the magic mermaid dress and 5 more parts of the sealife aquarium.

  33. Lola Bunni Says:

    Playfish was smart in deciding to give away 5 free shovels a day. What they ultimately want (beside you spending money) is for players to log in everyday. This has really motivated me to do so because I don’t want to lose my shovels.

    I was *so* excited when I found the pink mermaid dress and tonight I found the treasure bait (and ended up with magnificent sea castle!). It really is fun and I don’t mind it taking much longer to find stuff.

    I would love to see an updated post about what Momo has found so far!

    • Hi Lola, I think you’re right about the free shovels being a strategy to get us to log in daily. It works on me too!

      I’ll post a new deep ocean treasure hunt update post tonight. πŸ˜€ I finally got all the items. I can’t wait to try out the treasure bait. πŸ˜€

  34. Miranda Says:

    I finally have all of the objects and the treasure bait is fun! πŸ™‚
    I really would like to know what will Momo get!! πŸ˜€
    I got the bait 4 times and now I have the sea castle and triton’s trident in one of my rooms. The 2 other times I found a silver coin which I didn’t like so I sold a remember for 499 coins.
    The sea castle is 783 coins and triton’s trident is 599. I think these items are pretty cool;)

  35. Maru Says:

    hi there!! i want to know.. how u can get rare things? i have everything but.. none of the rare ones. it’s so sad. =(

  36. King Tut Says:

    check my pet’s acuarium room those are sthe things i’ve found in deep ocean and some others i ‘ve bought/fished in pond

  37. ayah Says:

    I got the mermaid purple wig, the rare magical mermaid dress, the water drop, the happy dolphin, the deep sea mirror, the deep sea bed and the deep sea bath tub. πŸ™‚ almost complete.:)

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