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Pet Society Build-a-Plushie Mystery Eggs August 6, 2010

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In the new mystery box/egg screen, you can purchase the brand new Build-a-Plushie mystery egg. Momo blew a lot of coins to complete the set and was awarded a pink bunny.

If you complete the full set, click the green button on the side.  You might receive an error saying you can’t claim the completion reward, but don’t worry, the “pink bunny base” will be in your inventory.

Here are the plushies Momo made.  They only sit on the floor, and you can’t place them on shelves or chairs.

Have you built a plushie?


34 Responses to “Pet Society Build-a-Plushie Mystery Eggs”

  1. Pandina Says:

    SO CUTE!!!!
    lol i wasted a lot but only got duplicates of items i already have

  2. Pandina Says:

    i have finally got the set but it cost me about 20,000 coisn and now im broke,
    oh well, its cute!

  3. Vira Says:

    it’s cute, but the little pink scarf doesn’t seem to fit the dolls well ):

  4. LaDy pAsAtA Says:

    yes me too and i wish the mystery eggs could be a little cheaper because 600 is alittle too much 😦 but i want to do this but im trying to save coins now so i can have alot of coins tigh now i have a total amount of 13,513 coins… thats still less so im working hard!!:D

  5. Funny Says:

    it costs so much money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Peanut Says:

    It took me so many tries just to get my 1st bear, which ie the brown one!!! 😦

  7. Erin Says:

    I wasted 10 000 coins and I’m broke too! love the dolls though 🙂 I think I will stop there as I can’t be bothered to buy more love the buy 10 get 3 free though alot cheaper on my pets coins! I have the black and brown bears which are really nice!

  8. moegymnast0723 Says:

    i havea problem for the plushies. i cant out the hats on them! help meout if u can 😦

  9. ??? Says:

    anyone notice that our paw points didn’t increase when we buy that??????

  10. Yumiko Says:

    I already build one plushie but it’s cost me 1,800 coins….but i want to build another pulshie that as cute as the other one

  11. ray Says:

    i have them all!

  12. Owee Says:

    I hate it why we can’t pick it up like other plushies 😦

  13. jellybelly Says:

    nah, cost me a cheaper i only spent 10 pfc

  14. Lyssa Says:

    When I completed the entire collection, I clicked the button numerous times to get the completion reward. When I looked in my inventory, there were 4 rabbits xD I took a Screen Shot, but when I logged back in, the 3 rabbits vanished and I only had 1. I took a Screen Shot of that too 😛

  15. ang Says:

    wow ur so rich!! I like the teddies but once u’ve created one and wants to put it in ur chest, everything falls off 😦 good if u want to remake one, bad if u want to put it in another room.

    • I’m not rich anymore. I have 166 coins right now! I hadn’t thought of moving the plushies from room to’re right that we’ll have to re-do everything from scratch. 😦

  16. Ice_10114 Says:

    Just wanna ask how many bunny bases did you get? I got 4 and saved it thinking it was a lucky glitch on my part (like when I got 2 free monkey hats without digging for them) but when I refreshed I only have 3 left in my chest.. Was I lucky or is that normal? Love your site by the way♥

    • I just got one. I guess I should have clicked the green button more! That’s wonderful that you got three! Glad you love my site. 🙂

      • Ice_10114 Says:

        unlike lyssa’s case, I just clicked it once.. maybe it’s because I have at least three of everything when I clicked the reward except for the black teddy base (only have one). black teddy’s my favorite in the collection so I’m still buyin’ eggs though I’ve already spent around 24k coins on them. thanks for the info X’3

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