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Pet Society Beehive Tree August 5, 2010

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The new beehive tree seed arrived in the Pet Society Outdoor shop this week.  Momo and I uprooted her duplicate apple tree to make room for this new seed.

The seed is so cute, but very expensive!

Here’s what the tree looked like after planting it on Day 1.

I like how it looks different from the other trees as it grows! This picture is from Day 2.

Here’s the fully grown beehive tree on Day 3.

I was surprised on Day 4 when honey started seeping on the side of the tree!

Momo and I are waiting for some honey pots!  Have you and your pet grown a beehive tree?


38 Responses to “Pet Society Beehive Tree”

  1. Lola Bunni Says:

    After I saw your post, I knew I needed to plant one too! It looks great. I just hate uprooting trees – argh! I wish I had another garden or that bonsai wasn’t a cash item. >_< Oh well, it's a free game so it doesn't bother me *that* much. Now to buy the seed!

  2. moegymnast0723 Says:

    hey psgirl, heres a pic of the honeypot:

    picture of the honey from new tree!

  3. Hi. im not sure if that tree was fully grown when you took the picture! I think the beehive grows a bit more then it is fully grown. I love the honey pots it grows, they look really cute!

  4. Funny Says:

    I love the new Beehive tree

    especialy that it grows differently from all of the other trees and it makes it look more natural

  5. pinku Says:

    not sure if it’s a glitch.. but pinku’s monkeyhat always faces right (, yet momo’s monkeyhat is looking left?

    is there actually a way to change the monkeyhat’s direction? be awesome if there was! ^o^

  6. Funny Says:

    Petsocietygirls do you know if the cheesy mayor glitch is fixed already cause i miss cooking and i dont want to not be able to cook ever again

    Please answer

  7. ang Says:

    pretty!!! hope u get honey soon! my honey tree is totally blocked by cherry!

  8. Actually, the 2 first pics are from Day 1. When I planted my seed it looked leafy, but then I went back to my garden an hour later and found it looking like pic #2. Then yesterday (Day 2), it looked like pic #3. Now today (day 3) it looks like pic #4.

    But I think this tree takes 4 days, cuz on the Pet Society Official Web Site: shows that the final stage has bees flying around the hive! 😉

  9. Fenrir Says:

    Hey Hey Hey!!! Looks like next week’s theme is gonna be a fantasy one, it’s below the Pet Society startup-thing when you load Pet Society. I like the boy pet’s wig!! it looks like Cloud’s hair from Final Fantasy. 😀 Can’t wait!!!

  10. Pandina Says:

    there seems to be a new system with mystery boxes too
    and theres a new build-a-plushie one but i only got the accecories
    went through 4 hours maitenece today =(

  11. tigres Says:

    i hope the beehive seed is 500

  12. Dolphin Cruz Says:

    Hey PSG. Is it just me or is my pet walking faster? Is it a glitch or an update?

  13. Jamie Says:

    my tree was glichy…. after one day it was at pic. #4…

  14. Kiki Says:

    I shouldnt have looked at the post, now i want one too. I need more plots in my garden, i never know which one to get rid of when theres a new tree T.T

    • When I have to get rid of an old tree, I pick one with fruits worth 65 coins…then I hope the new tree will give fruits worth 85 coins. I wish we could store trees in our inventory chest.

  15. Allen Says:

    i planted the seed the day it came out. i found out i grew a Thinggyyy (i wouldnt say it as a FRUIT) yesterday. i didnt notice because i went somewhere.its called the Homegrown Honey Pot.its worth 85 coin =D
    it looks like a honey pot jar with a picture of a bee tag , a ribbon on the cap, and it has honey dripping down the sides.Im so surprised of what i found on that tree today!

  16. Allen Says:

    i have 1 of each tree (not included -Papaya,holloween,and eco trees) i have everything else but im running out of space. i collect fruit from trees. i put a basket underneath all trees i plant so whenever my trees grow a fruit,i just click it.Some fruit were too low so i just put the baskets on the ground. Dont step on them =D.I ran out of space for trees i dont have but i made another facebook. i feel guilty in fooling facebook that they got a new person but do you think theres anything wrong with that? Please leave a reply and im sorry this comment is long and almost have nothing to do with the beehive tree.

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