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New Pet Society Items – August 1st August 1, 2010

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This week, Pet Society is celebrating its second birthday.

Here’s the scoop from the newsletter!

In the outdoor shop, there’s a beehive tree seed that grows honey pots.

In the furniture store, the “just arrived” items are Hideeni’s shells display, the birthday party table, birthday party chair, colorful dinner table, and the romantic bag.

There’s also a pastry fridge.

In the market, there are two upcoming limited edition items.  Hopefully they’re both sold for coins!  There’s also a second birthday bear plushie!

There are signs up to build a party invitation and the surprise birthday box (collaborative items).

The pastel birthday decor is available for “one week only.”

In the food shop, there’s a strawberry candy on a stick (one week only) and a chocolate candy on a stick (just arrived).

In the clothing shop girl’s section, the “one week only” items are the cute celebration dress and hat, and the “just arrived” items are the green celebration headband and dress, black designer shoes, and black designer dress.

In the boys’ section, the “just arrived” items are the green checked jacket and pants.

The “just arrived” item in the hair stylist is the Lady PawPaw wig.

In the DIY store, the “just arrived” items are the warm pastels wallpaper and warm solid wood floor.

I’m really glad there are no sales going on this week.  I like the new tree seed and the black dress the best.

Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?


51 Responses to “New Pet Society Items – August 1st”

  1. sophie Says:

    i like the lady pawpaw wig although lady gaga now has short hair? also like the tree seed. 🙂

    one of the limited items are coins and one cash i think which is better than both cash i suppose…

  2. Pandina Says:

    the lady paw paw wig is good but Pandina’s eye goes through the wig and does not look very attractive =P

  3. Yin Xia Says:

    It is a pity that the shell display cost like 4 times as much as the easter egg that cost 200 coins only.. (Was it?)

  4. Vesper Says:

    I don’t mean this in a bad way (I totally love how informative your site is), but you missed a One Week Only item in the Market (Party & Gifts) – the Pastel Birthday Decor. Not criticising you or whatever for missing it, the shops are so confusing nowadays!

  5. Hi, I’m PSM (Not anymore) 😀

    There is 2 limited items, one of them is cash.

    The Rob – cash
    Pets Water Globe – coins

  6. ceres-gal Says:

    love the lady gaga wig & black designer dress! xD

    and i had to uproot one of my trees to make way for the new tree too hehehe

  7. Fenrir Says:

    I wish they gave us more plots. 😦 and i also wish that the cash stuff were also buyable with coins…however expensive..i don’t mind. 😛

  8. joeke Says:

    Hey! I have a question.. do you know a good place where I can find someone who wants to trade something with me?

    I am searching for the Bunny Tea Pot which is in a blue mystery box, but I am searching for a loooooong time and I didn´t find it yet… 😦 and I can’t find a good place to trade…

    thanks in advance!

  9. Leidy Says:

    Hi! i’m having problems with pet society…my page does not load all the items, there’s always something missing…it’s just my page or is it normal?

  10. petsocietylover Says:

    Hi! i have a question…where can i find the blue mistery gift!?
    is it just arrived or one week only!?

  11. Rachel Says:

    To the last question: the Blue Mystery Box is definitely here to stay, found in the Mystery items tent-shop. 🙂 You may have to scroll to the end of the tent, though.

    I love the green celebration dress and headband! They look SO cute on my little pet Persephone! 🙂

    I also am debating on which tree to to uproot to make room for the HoneyPot tree, that sounds so cute! I also want to find the Sakura tree, or w/e it’s called…

    I, too, wish they gave us more garden plots. :/ They “did”, but it costs Playfish Cash. :S sigh. I may just go spend a few bucks on playfish cash, so I can get a few things I want, like the secret summer garden thing with two more plots.

    I am also relieved there are no more sales! I had a heck of a time last week, trying to buy all I want, as well as managing to complete my collections in the Faerie, Autumn Faerie, and Fortune eggs! (wasn’t easy, though!) And just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to, I also managed to complete my Fairy Tale eggs collections – in all 3 sets! SO happy. 😀

    But yes, please, PS, no more sales for a while. xD My mother thinks perhaps they are getting ready to debut some new mystery eggs, since they discontinued some of the older ones. I hope they are neat! I think a winter faerie one would be cute. 🙂

    • I love the new dress too.

      I wish there were some free garden plots or a way for us to uproot and store trees to rearrange them. I agree that it’s really nice to have a break from all the sales!

      I would love to see a winter faerie mystery egg set! What a lovely idea. 😀

  12. GreyKitten Says:

    I had to uproot a Banana Tree so I can grow the Beehive Tree. 😦

  13. I find this year’s B-Day items aren’t as “special” as last year! But my favorite thing is the Beehive Tree! 😀

  14. ang Says:

    Yay the water globe is only 5000! compared to other limited edition items I think this is way more affordable and abundant ^^


    The globe is came out a while ago so when I went in to the shop to buy it, at 6 it was refreshing for over 20 minutes! So I checked back in a couple of hours and it was already sold out!

    • Pandina Says:

      LOL i went on the computer and saw the post pet society made on my wall, the botto said ’41 minutes ago’
      i rushed to the market and it was all sold out!!

    • Sorry you didn’t get one. I read that the limited items in the future will be available for a full day, so hopefully no one will ever have this problem again.

  16. Vira Says:

    I like the green celebration dress, very cute.
    and there are still sales going on, in the stylist shop 😀

  17. moegymnast0723 Says:

    heyy yya psgirl! ive got a pic of what grows on the beehive tree!

    look here:

    picture of the honey from new tree!

  18. Dani Says:

    the globe was released last night. i think over 5 million ps fans were on last night so no one could buy one. i was lucky to get one but i tried 20 times then got one 😀

  19. Mutescreamingsloth Says:

    You should be informed that black is now a color option at the stylist! 😀
    not dark grey, but BLACK

  20. yumyum Says:

    hey psg how do get PF cash any ideas? i tried ALL websites how (exept the bank why do i have to pay???!!!) do u do it 😦

    • Hi yumyum, I don’t use playfish cash since you have to purchase it with real money. I got a few free playfish cash coins by trying their game hotel city. I prefer to play the free aspects of the game.


    I went to my friend’s house to buy a soda and left to my house to drink it and it was gone, so when I went back to buy another one I found out the soda doesnt appear in your inventory anymore it goes in the room…

  22. Pandina Says:

    hi pet society girl !
    i dont know whether this is a glitch or not (i think it is)
    but i went to the market to buy wall stickers, the ones with letters on them and i went to a blank room and spelt out HaPPY 2Nd BIRTHDAY PET SOCIETY and took a photo of it
    the next day all my stickers were gone!
    =( i emptied all my rooms and searched through the iventory but they weren’t there

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