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Pet Society Mystery Items – July 29th July 31, 2010

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Three new new mystery items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes a couple days ago. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Lollipop Collection and a Sleepy Pig Plushie. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Jar of Crystals.

Momo had only found the lollipop collection so far. It took a lot of searching!

Have you and your pet found any of the new mystery items?


25 Responses to “Pet Society Mystery Items – July 29th”

  1. pinku Says:

    I’ve been wondering if pf has been eer.. ‘fixing’ the gmbs.. just like they ‘fixed’ the win and lose boxes.. it seems so difficult to find any new items.. and your 6box gmb trick has not been working for a few weeks now! T.T

  2. Jessie Says:

    I have a problem with logging into my account ; the screen appears to be blank .

  3. bubblegummy Says:

    have any of u expeienced a glitch were the trees are the screen and ur not there and u cant move? i ve tried refreshing the page for like 3 hrs but nothing is happening

  4. faileechan Says:

    hey today while writing this comment the diy store clearance is still here i thought until august 1 .??? i think its a glitch really weird

  5. Owee97 Says:

    I got all 3 of them 😀

  6. Viienietta Says:

    got all…. the crystals are really pweety

  7. Guilherme Says:

    WHAT we won when we complete all fifteen shells?

  8. moegymnast0723 Says:

    darn i never get the chocolate fountain lol and i only got the crystals from this week haha 😦

  9. joeke Says:

    I found the sleepy pig 😀 its adorable!

  10. GreyKitten Says:

    I have not found anything from the mystery boxes yet. 😦

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