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Octo-deeni’s Back in Pet Society July 29, 2010

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Hideeni’s back from his vacation and has returned to Pet Society.  He’s now wearing an octopus costume. If we click him, he’ll give seashells to our friends.

There are 15 shells to collect.

Have you collected any seashells yet?


Pet Society Updates – July 29th

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There were lots of updates in Pet Society today. The newsletter invites us to build a party invitation for Pet Society’s 2nd birthday party.  Hideeni’s back from his short vacation with seashells to share.  Also, there’s are new colors and looks available for our pets at the stylist!  You can finally have a black pet if you want to!!

The values on the lottery wheel have been changed.  I think this new wheel shows the real probability of getting a high number of coins.  The old wheel was rigged, and though it had many high values on it, the probability of getting the high values could not be predicted from the wheel (the probability of winning was very low).

The settings expands out horizontally instead of vertically, so it won’t get in the way of the right and left arrows anymore.

Below the settings button is a new button to “build your own party invitation now!”

It only takes six clicks to make an invitation, but I’m getting really sick of sending requests to friends all the time. At least this will be easier for me than getting the hippo.

The new weekly treasure hunt item in the “Town Forest” is the Mayor’s Hat. Happy hunting!

What do you think of the new updates?


Pet Society Free Gifts – July 29th

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Two new, free gifts were added for us to send our friends in Pet Society, the Pet Tissue Box and the Platypus Plushie:

Do you like the new items?