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Pet Society Tropical Rainforest Flowers July 28, 2010

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The tropical rainforest flower seed arrived in the Pet Society Outdoor shop a few days ago. Each seed costs 500 coins, and there are five possible flowers that can be grown from the seed.

Momo bought some seeds and grew all five of the tropical rainforest flowers.

From left to right above, here are the names of the flowers and their re-sale values:
Homegrown Angel’s Trumpet – 208 coins
Homegrown Jacaranda – 208 coins
Homegrown Pitaya – 208 coins
Homegrown Sarsaparilla – 208 coins
Homegrown Yellow Cup Orchid – 208 coins

I’m really disappointed that all of the flowers are only worth 208 coins.  I wish gardening was more profitable.  Well, I’m glad I grew all five flowers with my first batch of seeds, so I never have to buy the seeds again!

What do you think of the new flowers?


13 Responses to “Pet Society Tropical Rainforest Flowers”

  1. Ath Says:

    Wow~! The flowers are really pretty! I agree; gardening should be more profitable. It’s a little deflating to know that the 500 coin seed turns into a 208 coin flower. :\

    Thank you for posting pics of them and their resale values.

  2. Yin Xia Says:

    They cost as much as a tree seed! If you plant a tree, at least you can earn more coins. 😦

  3. ang Says:

    Pretty flowers! And big too, I noticed ur shell pot from GMB, those ones are bigger than the regular ones sold in stores. They go well with the flowers ^^ I think the regular ones may look too small for these 😛

  4. Owee Says:

    Awww…. I bought 5 seeds and got 1 yellow cup flower, 1 Sarsapirila and 3 jacarandas 😦

  5. ceres-gal Says:

    i find that they take too much space xD

    i like the pink and yellow ones best

  6. gavin Says:

    I keep getting the sarsaparilla! 😡

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