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New Pet Society Items – July 25th July 25, 2010

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The new Pet Society items were added to the stores. Welcome to the jungle!

In the outdoor shop, there’s a tropical rainforest flower seed on sale. You can grow five types of flowers from the seed.

You can beg ask your friends to help you build a new collaborative item called the sleepy hippo pond.

You can purchase the cooking fire and stone bonfire. There also good news for Pet Chefs — the mushroom stool has been returned to the shop!

“Just arrived” is a petling leopard.

In the furniture store, the “one week only” items are the jungle stump table, jungle stump stool, and jungle stump chair.

There’s a jungle tree hammock for your pet to sleep in.

In the mystery shop, there’s a big clearance sale going on.  The Fairy Tale, Toys, Fortune, Faerie, Autumn Faerie, and Food Booth mystery egg machines are going to be removed from the shop in one week.

In the market, there’s a jungle tarsier.

In the food shop, there’s roast fish (one week only) and roast bird (just arrived).

In the clothing shop girl’s section, the “one week only” item is the jungle leaf dress, and the “just arrived” item is the jungle Jane costume.

In the boys’ section, the “just arrived” item is the jungle Tarzan costume.

In the DIY store, the “just arrived” items are the dusky jungle wallpaper and floor.

In the windows and doors section, there’s a jungle arch door and a jungle window.

There’s also a jungle torch and a jungle hanging lamp.

Lastly, there’s a huge clearance sale going on in the DIY store, so have fun shopping!

Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?

My faves are the hammock and the door. 😀


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