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Pet Society Win or Lose Box Update – July 22nd July 22, 2010

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Two new items added to the Win of Lose boxes in the Pet Society mystery shop. The new items are the Black Lace Eye Patch and the Sweet Pink Eye Patch.

Both eye patches are really girlish and don’t quite cover Momo’s eye.  Too bad there isn’t a new item for the neglected boy pets.

Have you found the new win or lose items?


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20 Responses to “Pet Society Win or Lose Box Update – July 22nd”

  1. Gaby Says:

    Apparently, the win or lose boxes are back to its old way of “mostly pies in your face”… too bad, I was making great profits from the hats lol


    Its a shame that the WOL boxes are back to losing. I would buy 5 boxes and get 4 heart hats, but now its the complete opposite. Well anyways, I got the owl plushie, the unlucky bunny, and a pink eyepatch. I wish it was a little bigger

  3. Vira Says:

    aw, the chances of winning are decreased. but i got all the new ones :3

  4. Hey does anyone have an extra of the Black one? I have bought many many boxes and have not gotten one yet! I have three extra pink ones if you want to trade! Willing to give all three for one black!

    • Ran Says:

      I have 2 extra of each if you or anyone else wants one.

      It really bites that the win or lose boxes are back to normal. On the bright side, I have almost 200k coins because of it. On the dark side, I could have made so much more if I’d known it would be going back to normal. lol

      Also, I thought it was really funny. I got 2 of the happy monkey hats from the win or lose boxes. Did anybody else?

  5. Alexandria Says:

    The Win or Lose boxes are really suckish now, you basically only lose. I bought 24 boxes and they were all pies. D:

  6. ceres-gal Says:

    i finally got the 2 eye patches after getting pied… a lot

  7. crystal Says:

    yes, the win or lose box make me mad
    my 4.904 coins turned —-> 1.021 coins —->1 coin
    it’s CRAZZZY!!

  8. Pandina Says:

    i know… usually i buy 8 boxes and 6 are ‘WIN’ with 2 pies
    the opposite…
    lol i made a lot of profit before, now its just a loser game

  9. kat Says:

    i didnt get the eyepatches, and it already says that i unlocked all the items in the wol boxes. wut happened?

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