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Pet Society Mystery Items – July 22nd July 22, 2010

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Four new new mystery items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes today. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Toy Banana (which is a piece of clothing) and a Jungle Totem Decor. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Jungle Elephant Decor. In the red mystery boxes, there’s a Vine Headband.

Momo found the Jungle Totem Decor (pictured at the top left). It’s frustrating because you can’t stack any of the old totem pieces from the Eco boxes on top of it!  Plus, all three of the pieces are mismatched…

Have you and your pet found any of the new mystery items?


21 Responses to “Pet Society Mystery Items – July 22nd”

  1. matias Says:


  2. Vira Says:

    i found the toy banana. i think it’s pretty funny xD

  3. *Mrs. ViCorn* Says:

    Well to stack the totems, you could use shelves, and that way the totems can stay together.

  4. Jessie Says:

    How come you don’t do Stadium Sightings anymore ?

  5. Aranel Says:

    Hey haven’t found those but I found the monkey hat on the town woods xD

  6. Viienietta Says:

    got everything 🙂 EVERYTHING IS SUPER AWESOME 🙂

  7. hui ning Says:

    does anybody have a short retro wig to trade?
    my name is hui ning tan
    my picture is a brown haired fairy
    make friends with me if you want to trade and send me a letter saying PS trade
    will send you flowers to make up the cost of the wig
    if the cost of the wig is an odd number,i will send you 100 coins more instead of 100 coins less
    e.g cost of wig=1300
    then i will send you 7 flowers

  8. corey slater Says:

    wow!i have got boring farden weard.

  9. gavin Says:

    HEY!!! i got a elegant chocolate fountain in the GMB today XD

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