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Pet Society DIY and Mystery Shop Clearance Sales – July 22nd July 22, 2010

There’s an enormous clearance sale that started today in the Pet Society DIY shop. All of the items pictures below are 50% off and will be available until August 1st.

Here’s the full list of items on sale in the DIY shop (from the official PS blog):

  • Zen Garden Door
  • Cardboard Box
  • Saloon Wooden Fence
  • Log Shelf
  • Dotted Wallpaper
  • Pirate Lantern
  • Plain Window
  • Grey Radiator Decor
  • Teal Wallpaper
  • Seaweed Curtain
  • White Cute Iron Railing
  • Porthole Window
  • Basic Green Curtain
  • Saloon Shelf
  • Castle Drape
  • Grandiose Floor Lamp
  • Pink Coral Shelf
  • Cloister Window
  • Oak Tree Shelf
  • Basic Radiator
  • Bamboo Lamp
  • Blue Cafe Canopy
  • Wooden Shelf
  • Secret Vault Wallpaper
  • Gingerbread Mirror
  • Cheesy Wallpaper
  • Black Cute Iron Railing
  • Beige Wallpaper
  • Pink Ribbon Window
  • Gingerbread Window
  • Pale Green Wallpaper
  • Traditional Ceramic Tile
  • White Cute Floor Lamp
  • Value Light Fittings
  • Red Desk Lamp
  • Magnolia Wallpaper
  • Classic Gingerbread Floor
  • Warm Rose Wallpaper
  • Pale Blue Wallpaper
  • S-curved Shelf
  • Simple White Doorstep
  • Blue Beach Mat
  • Small Basic Shelf
  • Wooden Door
  • Light Tiki Wallpaper
  • Light Blue Curtain
  • Big Bone Door Mat
  • Arc Floor Lamp
  • Saloon Window
  • Wooden Cafe Shelf
  • Classic Dark Wood Railing
  • Dark Country Shelf
  • Stenciled Wallpaper
  • Wooden Slat Blind
  • Oak Tree Window
  • Honeycomb Wallpaper
  • Princess Curtain
  • Villa Patrizia Window
  • Gingerbread Door
  • Red Terracotta Tiles
  • Simple Wooden Shoe Rack
  • Indigo Brick Wallpaper
  • Darkest Night Wallpaper
  • Pleasant Window
  • Campanula Lamp
  • Display Room Shelf
  • Cute White Gate
  • Ballroom Wall Light
  • Orange Groovy Lamp
  • Simple Door
  • Burgundy Wallpaper
  • Thick Warm Mat
  • Dark Wooden Mirror
  • Saloon Chandelier
  • Purple Lola Table Lamp

On Monday, there will also be a clearance sale in the Mystery Shop, and a bunch of the mystery egg machines will be on sale:

  • Fortune Mystery Egg  (Mystery)
  • Autumn Faerie Mystery Egg  (Mystery)
  • Faerie Mystery Egg  (Mystery)
  • Toy Mystery Egg (Mystery)
  • Fairytale Mystery Egg (Mystery)
  • Food Booth Mystery Egg (Mystery)

24 Responses to “Pet Society DIY and Mystery Shop Clearance Sales – July 22nd”

  1. Natalia Says:

    I wish they weren’t getting rid of all of this stuff 😦

  2. *Sigh* I bought some items for full price. These sales can be annoying! :P….!
    WAIT!!! On the third picture you posted, the white stairs were 150 coins, but now they’re 750 coins?! Hope this is a glitch! LOL That’s funny though! 😀

  3. ang Says:

    surprised the japanese window is on clearance! it just got here and it’s really pretty!

  4. PSM (not anymore) Says:

    The doorstep price is supposed to be 75, but it is 750 coins now :O

  5. PSM (not anymore) Says:

    They are also removing ‘shelves from store. most of shelves and big rack.

  6. DearDeer Says:

    Clearance sales are just exciting but… they nearly empty my wallet.
    Thanks for the early announcement of the clearance sale of Mystery Shop. I should start saving money for that. 😛

  7. Cjyhaha Says:

    Luckily didn’t but this week’s items…phew!I’m saving money for mystery eggs,hope their price is half the original!!!

  8. ang Says:

    wondered what happened to white saucer. I really like the white saucer cuz it’s so useful: 1. u can put food on it and leave it on the floor and ur pet won’t eat the food and 2. u can put plushies on it and they won’t get moved around by ur pet. 😦 is it gone?

  9. Rachel Says:

    Oh no. :O I still don’t have all the Faerie, Autumn Faerie, or Fortune items! I have several, but not all. 😦 Anyone with extras willing to trade with me? It’s so hard, since I keep getting stuff I already have. -____-

    And I think I am giving up on getting the Wizard of Oz set. oh well. I don’t want my coins depleted! 😛

    If you can/want to give me your extras in those items, just send me an email if you want to add me on FB. 🙂 thanks! I just came across this site, btw, lol.

  10. ang Says:

    Did you know that the campanula lamp glows in the dark? It’s so pretty. I put it in my garden and it goes great with my “nature” things.

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