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Pet Society Mystery Items – July 22nd July 22, 2010

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Four new new mystery items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes today. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Toy Banana (which is a piece of clothing) and a Jungle Totem Decor. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Jungle Elephant Decor. In the red mystery boxes, there’s a Vine Headband.

Momo found the Jungle Totem Decor (pictured at the top left). It’s frustrating because you can’t stack any of the old totem pieces from the Eco boxes on top of it!  Plus, all three of the pieces are mismatched…

Have you and your pet found any of the new mystery items?


Pet Society DIY and Mystery Shop Clearance Sales – July 22nd

There’s an enormous clearance sale that started today in the Pet Society DIY shop. All of the items pictures below are 50% off and will be available until August 1st.

Here’s the full list of items on sale in the DIY shop (from the official PS blog):

  • Zen Garden Door
  • Cardboard Box
  • Saloon Wooden Fence
  • Log Shelf
  • Dotted Wallpaper
  • Pirate Lantern
  • Plain Window
  • Grey Radiator Decor
  • Teal Wallpaper
  • Seaweed Curtain
  • White Cute Iron Railing
  • Porthole Window
  • Basic Green Curtain
  • Saloon Shelf
  • Castle Drape
  • Grandiose Floor Lamp
  • Pink Coral Shelf
  • Cloister Window
  • Oak Tree Shelf
  • Basic Radiator
  • Bamboo Lamp
  • Blue Cafe Canopy
  • Wooden Shelf
  • Secret Vault Wallpaper
  • Gingerbread Mirror
  • Cheesy Wallpaper
  • Black Cute Iron Railing
  • Beige Wallpaper
  • Pink Ribbon Window
  • Gingerbread Window
  • Pale Green Wallpaper
  • Traditional Ceramic Tile
  • White Cute Floor Lamp
  • Value Light Fittings
  • Red Desk Lamp
  • Magnolia Wallpaper
  • Classic Gingerbread Floor
  • Warm Rose Wallpaper
  • Pale Blue Wallpaper
  • S-curved Shelf
  • Simple White Doorstep
  • Blue Beach Mat
  • Small Basic Shelf
  • Wooden Door
  • Light Tiki Wallpaper
  • Light Blue Curtain
  • Big Bone Door Mat
  • Arc Floor Lamp
  • Saloon Window
  • Wooden Cafe Shelf
  • Classic Dark Wood Railing
  • Dark Country Shelf
  • Stenciled Wallpaper
  • Wooden Slat Blind
  • Oak Tree Window
  • Honeycomb Wallpaper
  • Princess Curtain
  • Villa Patrizia Window
  • Gingerbread Door
  • Red Terracotta Tiles
  • Simple Wooden Shoe Rack
  • Indigo Brick Wallpaper
  • Darkest Night Wallpaper
  • Pleasant Window
  • Campanula Lamp
  • Display Room Shelf
  • Cute White Gate
  • Ballroom Wall Light
  • Orange Groovy Lamp
  • Simple Door
  • Burgundy Wallpaper
  • Thick Warm Mat
  • Dark Wooden Mirror
  • Saloon Chandelier
  • Purple Lola Table Lamp

On Monday, there will also be a clearance sale in the Mystery Shop, and a bunch of the mystery egg machines will be on sale:

  • Fortune Mystery Egg  (Mystery)
  • Autumn Faerie Mystery Egg  (Mystery)
  • Faerie Mystery Egg  (Mystery)
  • Toy Mystery Egg (Mystery)
  • Fairytale Mystery Egg (Mystery)
  • Food Booth Mystery Egg (Mystery)

Pet Society Free Gifts – July 22nd

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Two new, free gifts were added for us to send our friends in Pet Society, the Tarzan Headband and the Jungle Hut Decor:

Are you looking forward to the upcoming jungle theme?


The Jungle Book (40th Anniversary Platinum Edition)


Pet Society Win or Lose Box Update – July 22nd

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Two new items added to the Win of Lose boxes in the Pet Society mystery shop. The new items are the Black Lace Eye Patch and the Sweet Pink Eye Patch.

Both eye patches are really girlish and don’t quite cover Momo’s eye.  Too bad there isn’t a new item for the neglected boy pets.

Have you found the new win or lose items?


Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition)


Pet Society Treasure Hunting Update – July 22nd

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The Pet Society treasure hunting feature was updated today with new “weekly” item at the “Town Forest” digging site.  The new item is the Happy Monkey Hat.

You may have already found this new item if you experienced a digging glitch last week. Check your clothing inventory for the “Happy Monkey Plushie” to see if you found it already.

Momo is wearing her Happy Monkey Hat below:

Momo thinks its really cute!

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz