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Pet Society Chocolate Boxes July 19, 2010

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Yesterday, Pet Society added three chocolate boxes to the food shop. Each box costs 550 coins and contains a set of seven chocolates. Each box gives out one chocolate per day for a week. The three boxes have the same set of chocolates inside them. You have to log in each day to receive them all, and you’ll see the message on your noticeboard.

Day 1 – Layered Chocolate Delight
Day 2 – Chocolate Pyramid
Day 3 – Milk Chocolate Flower
Day 4 – Strawberry Chocolate Passion
Day 5 – White Drop Chocolate
Day 6 – Chocolate Butterfly
Day 7 – Chocolate Rose

Did your pet buy a chocolate box?


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19 Responses to “Pet Society Chocolate Boxes”

  1. Cjyhaha Says:

    First!The blog said there’s seven,and listed the names,but then,the label says “Just Arrived”,so it must mean we can buy it every week!

    • I wonder if it’s really supposed to be a “just arrived” item. With the other subscriptions, you always have to buy them the first day or you miss out.

    • ang Says:

      I wondered about that too. If we buy one every week would we get same or diff chocolate? I think it’s suppose to be OWO

    • ang Says:

      the flaw with the boxes is that they are limited to u buying them on the day they release as oppose to when u buy them. For example, I bought another box in mid week and only got half of the candy. I think it’d be smarter if the second box starts a separate cycle and start giving the chocolates in sequence rather than following the special of the day.

  2. Naruto Freak Says:

    I bought 2 boxes so I got 2 chocolates everyday

  3. Darlene Says:

    Has anyone fished with the chocolates?

  4. Funny Says:

    i missed yesterday and

    Pet society girl you didnt put the chocolate flower of Today!

  5. Jillian4 Says:

    choc 4- chocolate ball with pink icing [dont know what its called though sorry]

  6. Jillian4 Says:

    choc5- chocolate drop 🙂

  7. Pandina Says:

    choc 6, butterfly
    oohh already 6?

  8. […] 7 Days of Chocolates from the Chocolate Boxes by Pet Society World Three pretty boxes all give you one special chocolate per day. The boxes glow in the dark and are just as special as the goodies in them. […]

  9. The chocolate rose looks absolutely gorgeous! 😉

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