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Pet Society Chocolate Boxes July 19, 2010

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Yesterday, Pet Society added three chocolate boxes to the food shop. Each box costs 550 coins and contains a set of seven chocolates. Each box gives out one chocolate per day for a week. The three boxes have the same set of chocolates inside them. You have to log in each day to receive them all, and you’ll see the message on your noticeboard.

Day 1 – Layered Chocolate Delight
Day 2 – Chocolate Pyramid
Day 3 – Milk Chocolate Flower
Day 4 – Strawberry Chocolate Passion
Day 5 – White Drop Chocolate
Day 6 – Chocolate Butterfly
Day 7 – Chocolate Rose

Did your pet buy a chocolate box?


Super Mario Galaxy 2


Pet Society Treasure Hunting Update – July 19th

The Pet Society treasure hunting feature was updated today with new “weekly” item at the “town forest” digging site.  The new item is the Gretel Bear.  The Gretel Bear was supposed to have been released last week, but Playfish mistakenly did not add the item to the game.  This mistake was causing glitches (pets were stuck digging forever), and no one had reported finding the new Gretel Bear.  Happily, Playfish has now corrected the mistake, and we can now find the Gretel Bear in the town forest.

Momo is posing with her Hansel and Gretel bears in the picture below.

Have you dug up a Gretel Bear?