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Pet Society Sales and Cooking the Vegetable Kebab July 18, 2010

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In recent weeks, pet chefs have been plagued with recurring problems as ingredients are being discontinued from the Pet Society stores during clearance sales. Passerby and Penangite pointed out that the mushroom stool that’s currently on sale in the outdoor shop is an ingredient required to cook the vegetable kebab in Pet Society. The mushroom stool has always been a strange ingredient, since it was introduced as a piece of furniture, and was later relocated to the garden (now outdoor) store.  It’s a chair in the stores, not a food!

I’m still an apprentice chef, and can’t cook the vegetable kebab yet, but here’s a picture showing the ingredients required to cook it: the mushroom stool, the courgette and the pumpkin.

The last Pet Society food shop clearance sale removed the courgette and the pumpkin from the food shop, which caused problems for chefs in Pet Society. After players pointed out Playfish’s mistake, they announced that the courgette and pumpkin will return to the stores with the updates on July 19th.

Regarding the current problem with the mushroom stool, two moderators at the Playfish forum have reported the problem to Playfish.  Let’s hope that the mushroom stool is not removed from the store for good, or that Playfish comes up with a replacement ingredient to cook the vegetable kebabs. Let’s also keep out fingers crossed that Playfish will think about the consequences of placing items on clearance in the future.


10 Responses to “Pet Society Sales and Cooking the Vegetable Kebab”

  1. Hi, have you been having any trouble with your game lately? My game is all glitchy and none of my furnature and no pets are anywhere? i am really concerned. Thank you.

  2. Jessie Says:

    Hey PS girl , i was just wondering why the collaborative bed isn’t out for us to get . Is it just me or do the collaborative items appear before Sunday , when the new items come out ?

    • Hi Jessie, the collaborative “Indulgent Candy Bed” is listed as an upcoming item on the official PS blog. The new items come out at 12 am GMT Monday. For me, I think the collaborative items only appear at midnight Monday my time (I’m in the Eastern US time zone), so they appear a bit later than the new PS items do in the stores. You should be able to start building the candy beds tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Penangite Says:

    Thanks for making this post and bringing up the matter at the forum! =)
    By the way, I’m a regular reader here. And your fish list has been a very big help. Thanks for a great job on keeping all of us non-cash players posted on the latest with PS.

  4. PSM (not anymore) Says:

    They should change the ‘mushroom’ to BBQ Mushroom which introduced at 4th July Day.

  5. Penangite Says:

    The mushroom stool is no longer on sale and back to 250 coins. =)

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