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Review of Pet Society Garden Pots July 17, 2010

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Pet Society’s latest clearance sale is discontinuing most of the garden pots in the Outdoor Store.  Momo and I thought we’d do a review of the garden pot collection.

Here’s the list of pots and what Momo and I think of them all:

Garden Pots on Clearance (top row, from left to right)
Glass Pot – nice and simple, large base
Green Clay Pot – great design, classy. I love this one.
Rattan Flower Pot – pretty concept, but designed badly because the soil sticks out.
Ceramic Pot – nice design, simple and classic
Pretty Flower Pot – had the potential to be cute, but designed badly because the soil sticks out slightly.
Green Pot with Ribbon – designed badly because the soil sticks out.
Brown Bear Pot – designed very badly. The soil sticks out and looks ridiculous. Could have been super-cute! This has bugged me since last year.
Paper Pot – designed badly because the soil sticks out. Could be used as a paper bag to place groceries in, instead of as a plant pot.  Would make more sense!

Pots that are still available in the outdoor store (bottom row, from left to right)
Pink Ribbon Pot – pretty, but I’d prefer it without the ribbon
Rose Flower Pot – adorable little pot. Love it.
Classic White Pot – a bit too bulky
Princess Pot – nice, would be nice to have a non-girly version too

Pots that are still available in mystery boxes (bottom row, two pots on far right)
Tropic Flower Pot (can be found in gold mystery boxes) – Nice design, and understated colors for indoor and outdoor Pet Society use.
Shell Pot (can be found in purple mystery boxes) – Useful because you can sometimes manage to place two flowers in this pot together. Also can double as a fruit bowl.

Top Three Favorites Garden Pots – Green Clay Pot, Tropic Flower Pot, and Rose Flower Pot
Most Disappointing Pots – Rattan Flower Pot and Brown Bear Pot
Ugliest Pot – Paper Pot

Ever since the Rattan Flower Pot and Brown Bear Pot were released, I’ve wished that someone at Playfish would fix them so that the soil would stay inside the pot.  I know people posted about this problem on the Playfish forums, and I’d check every once in a while to see if it was finally corrected.  I’m disappointed that these two pots, which have so much potential to be nice looking, are being discontinued without ever being fixed.  Momo and I would have definitely used these two garden pots, instead of leaving them in the inventory for months, if they didn’t look so awful.   The Pretty Flower Pot, Paper Pot, and Green Pot with Ribbon all would have looked better had the layering been correct too. Does the layering problem with the soil bother anyone else, or am I just too picky?

Have you considered buying any of the garden pots on clearance?  Which ones are your favorites?


23 Responses to “Review of Pet Society Garden Pots”

  1. hiiiiii its me again!!!!! so how much does the owl plushie sell for??????????????????????????????????????

    p.s. first comment!!! lol

  2. *Mrs. ViCorn* Says:

    My favorites are the pots that are still available in mystery boxes.
    I don’t like either the paper pot, it is simple and it looks bad :/

  3. Elli(: Says:

    i like all of them, so i purchased all of the ones in clearance, though it is a shame about the sticking out soil: i like the two available in the mbs, the shell pot and the tropic one ^.^

  4. Lemon Says:

    Which mystery boxes are the two pots avaliable in? I like them both 🙂

  5. Lemon Says:

    Oops, I think you forgot to include the watering can.

  6. Yin Xia Says:

    I love the rose flower pot too! 😀 and.. I agree with you that flower pots should not have the soil sticking out from the pot.. 😦 Disappointed that playfish didn’t fix it..

  7. Viienietta Says:

    Playfish WAKE UP!!!!!

  8. Mojito Says:

    I tried to put pots in front of flowers standing on the ground (or shelf, whatever), and the soil didn’t stick out as level of flower’s bottom was lower. It looked nice, but next time I came, the pot was hidden behind the flower… 😦 I hate these problems with layering, there’s so much things that could be better done if we had an option to decide what we want to be in front or behind. I had one project with merpet statue, which had to have four curtains behind. But without reason, two curtains stick in front of the statue and two stayed stick in the back… Hope these things will be fixed one day 😉

    • That’s a shame that your efforts at layering were ruined the next time you logged in. I’ve had similar experiences, and I agree that it would be great if the layering problems in the game could be fixed.

  9. Rini Says:

    Thanks for this post! With the outdoor store clearance sale, I thought it would be great if I could see which pots didn’t have the problem with the soil sticking out, although I’m sorry it had to be at someone else’s expense. Obviously it does bother me as well and I completely agree with the Most Disappointing Pots. My favourite is the rose pot.

  10. lalalay Says:

    that so sad i was planning to buy 10 rattan pots for my colorful flowers. rattan pot is the best i think and this is dissapointing.thnx for saving me from wastin my money

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