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Pet Society Outdoor Shop Clearance Sale July 16, 2010

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There’s a big clearance sale going on in the Pet Society outdoor shop.  All the items below are being sold for 50% off and will be available until July 25th.

Are you and your pet going to make any purchases now that the prices are lower?


8 Responses to “Pet Society Outdoor Shop Clearance Sale”

  1. Passerby Says:

    How come PS make mistake again! The mushroom stool is one of ingredients to cook Vegetable kebab…
    I thinkit is quite strange that mushroom stool is an ingredient to cook~

    • Penangite Says:

      LOL! You are right, Passerby. I didn’t even realise the mushroom was a stool until Pet Society Girl explained where to find it – hopefully, they realise their mistake and put it back on the shelf. In the meantime, I’m going to buy some at the cheaper rate since I cook the kebabs often – high profit for half hour’s worth of cooking.

    • Hi Passerby! It’s awful that they made the same mistake again. I’ll make a post on this subject shortly. I hope Playfish will replace the mushroom stool in the game as with the previous mistakes.

  2. Pet Society Mystery (not anymore) Says:

    Do you know, they are putting all of pots (except roses pot) to clearance sale. hope we can get more soon 🙂

  3. Chibitracy Says:

    Huh? they shouldn’t put some items on clearance like the stone lantern,oak table and chair,etc that are only new.

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