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Pet Society Mystery Items – July 16th July 16, 2010

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Three new new mystery items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes today. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Grey Owl Plushie and Elegant Chocolate Fountain. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Star Headband.

Momo found owl plushie and headband so far.

Have you and your pet found any of the new mystery items?


20 Responses to “Pet Society Mystery Items – July 16th”

  1. hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doesnt your pet have a wig? and hi can you add me to your blog roll? my web

  2. Vira Says:

    the owl plushie! i want it!
    -buys lots of mystery boxes-

  3. CremeBunny Says:

    I want the elegant chocolate fountain :D. The star headband looks pretty cute too 🙂 if only there were cute things in real life

  4. Lemon Says:

    I found the elegant chocolate fountain today 😀
    It’s rather big and hangs on the wall.

  5. Dani Says:

    I got the whole set from a very generous friend! The fountain is bigger then the other one that is sold in the shops 😀

  6. Owee Says:

    I bought all the New Mystery Items set from the forums for 4 of 999 items 🙂

  7. aldwin Says:

    sana makuha ko na yang taddy bear na iyan kaka asar naman oh

  8. Viienietta Says:

    i just hacked everything and got em……………. not very keen on mystery boxes i think we should jus get what we want 🙂

  9. Jody Says:

    my 500th box and i still cant find the fountain! 😦

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