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Pet Society Louis XIV crown July 16, 2010

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Ran asked in the comments why I hadn’t covered the Louis XIV crown.  To be honest, I haven’t paid attention to the limited edition items, since they’ve been cash coin items for weeks.  I don’t even visit the clothing stores after my Sunday night shopping is done.  Seems that Playfish is trying to mess with my shopping system to make me visit stores mid-week on the off chance that a single items is on sale for coins, not Playfish cash.  Me and Momo had no clue that the crown was sold for coins, and we missed out.  The crown is already sold out now.  Momo doesn’t really mind; she has enough crowns and tiaras anyway!

This blog just covers Momo’s adventures in the game, so please don’t expect it to be all-inclusive!


12 Responses to “Pet Society Louis XIV crown”


    I completely agree with you. PS has been making all of their limited items PF Cash. MisuMisu is really upset but she’ll get over it, it was very expensive for a tiny crown.

  2. DearDeer Says:

    Actually(and luckily) I don’t find any of the limited items pretty, especiallly the volcano(it’s just not worth buying at all!).
    And yes, I agree with you that Playfish’s releasing items mid-week and this messes up my PS schedule 😦

  3. Mojito Says:

    At least there’s still something to look forward during the week 😉
    Do not miss next week’s limited item, it’s a tree seed for coins again!

  4. Even though the Louis XIV crown was $7000, I still bought it because I had plenty of $$$ to spend! Right now I have: over $50,000!!! 😀 I’ve been saving! A LOT!

    But it still bothers me that Playfish has been making most L.E.I. sold for PFC! It seems that the players with PFC have an advantage of the game, if you know what I mean!

    L.E.I. : Limited Edition Items

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Hi, I got the crown even after if was sold out. If you want the crown, go to the clothing store (boy’s section), click the crown and it will say whether you would like to buy the crown or not. I’m not sure if it works for you but it sure did work for me. I think its a Pet Society glitch since it has been going on for four days. Hope this helps!

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