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Pet Society Mystery Items – July 16th July 16, 2010

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Three new new mystery items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes today. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Grey Owl Plushie and Elegant Chocolate Fountain. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Star Headband.

Momo found owl plushie and headband so far.

Have you and your pet found any of the new mystery items?


Pet Society Updates – July 16th

There are a bunch of Pet Society Updates today.

Hideeni’s decided to go on vacation, and will not be in town for a while.   Momo’s going to miss him. So long Hideeni!

There are two new free gifts available for us to send to our friends, the Strawberry Cone Hat and the Pelican Plushie:

The new weekly item in the Town Forest treasure hunting site is the Gretel Bear Plushie. Momo hopes she’ll find one soon! Edited to add, no one on the Playfish forum has found one, so people are speculating that Pet Society forgot to really release the new bear.  It might be best to wait on digging!


Pet Society Outdoor Shop Clearance Sale

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There’s a big clearance sale going on in the Pet Society outdoor shop.  All the items below are being sold for 50% off and will be available until July 25th.

Are you and your pet going to make any purchases now that the prices are lower?


Pet Society Louis XIV crown

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Ran asked in the comments why I hadn’t covered the Louis XIV crown.  To be honest, I haven’t paid attention to the limited edition items, since they’ve been cash coin items for weeks.  I don’t even visit the clothing stores after my Sunday night shopping is done.  Seems that Playfish is trying to mess with my shopping system to make me visit stores mid-week on the off chance that a single items is on sale for coins, not Playfish cash.  Me and Momo had no clue that the crown was sold for coins, and we missed out.  The crown is already sold out now.  Momo doesn’t really mind; she has enough crowns and tiaras anyway!

This blog just covers Momo’s adventures in the game, so please don’t expect it to be all-inclusive!