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Pet Society Petbook July 15, 2010

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Here’s a wonderfully useful Pet Society website that I came across this week.  It’s called Petbook, and you can use it to search for Pet Society items. For instance, you can view all the items in each type of mystery box, see all the new items for the week, or check out all the items in a particular store.

I’m glad the Pet Society community can use this great new resource!  I’ve added a link to Petbook in the “Pet Society Websites” collection on the right side of the page. Check it out!


17 Responses to “Pet Society Petbook”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Thanks for this awesome site ! 🙂

    I was surfing through the World Cup flags , and discovered that there’s a flag that you didn’t notify us about ! It’s the Switzerland flag . Is it available anymore ?

  2. DearDeer Says:

    Thanks so so much for this useful site!
    I’m sure it’ll help a lot in my Pet Society collection. Really thanks! 😀
    BTW, do you know whether Petbook update the list of mystery box items?

  3. Mojito Says:

    I just discovered it this week too! It’s organized in a nice way, and since the Pet society database is no more active for a few weeks, it’s only site of this kind I know 😉

    • Sadly, the Pet Society Database isn’t going to be updated anymore. They made the announcement in the comments section, and I had trouble finding it. Glad we have Petbook now. 🙂

  4. mitaki Says:

    what is the adress of that pet book

  5. It’s really useful! But I realized they did not put info about free gifts or secret rooms…well mostly because Pet Society removed some of the previous gifts…anyways, PSG and them did a great job updating us!!! 😀

  6. Liz Says:

    they have good sources-they added the new chocolate boxes in stores today to their data base, and already have a list with 7 chocolates, even though its day 1. this may also explain how they got 3 flags that werent in the game

  7. Liz Says:

    wow, this site really is great- cost, resale value, even approximate position in the shop! a neat little simple graph that show how far into the shop the item is! thanks for showing everyone this!

  8. timothy pet society Says:

    that’s cool

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