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Pet Society Enchanted Forest Treasure Hunt July 8, 2010

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Pet Society introduced the Enchanted Forest dig site a couple weeks ago, and Momo took a while to reach it because she had trouble building her hot air balloon (These collaborative items are getting to be too much for her owner!).  Here’s Momo’s completed hot air balloon, which allowed us to head to the Enchanted Forest.  The balloon itself is quite lovely.  You can display it and it has an animation where it sways up and down.

The Enchanted Forest is a pretty place too.  I love the color scheme and crystals in the ground.

After digging for a few days, Momo found all the treasures.  Here’s a picture of all the Enchanted Forest treasures:

Here’s a list of the Enchanted Forest treasures (as pictured above from left to right) with their resale values:
Enchanted Waterfall – 50 coins
Pixie Mask – 200 coins
Wooden Pixie Chair – 200 coins
Romantic Pixie Wig – 200 coins
Enchanted Fireflies – 200 coins
Pixie Forest Wallpaper – 200 coins
Flowers Crown – 100 coins
Pixie Dress – 100 coins
Pixie Shoes – 100 coins
Mushrooms Decor – 100 coins
Pixie Forest Floor – 100 coins
Magic Pixie Wings (Rare) – 3,500 coins

Did your pet find all the treasures?


14 Responses to “Pet Society Enchanted Forest Treasure Hunt”

  1. Jessie Says:

    I can’t believe you got the wings ! My friend and i have been searching for those wings for such a long time !

  2. That was the last item I found! I was almost going to give up on them.

  3. kiwifruit jelly bean Says:

    LOL i got the wings on my first try and my friend is crying because she couldnt get the wings

    the wings re-sale value is 3500

  4. Vira Says:

    i finally got the wings. it took aaaages =A=
    but it was worth it!

  5. *Mrs. ViCorn* Says:

    I wish my friends could help me building the balloon, but they are to lazy 😥
    I hope one day I can build the balloon and get all those cute items 🙂

  6. moonnuk Says:

    ive found everything but the background…and ive been tryin forever…does anyone have an extra backgroud the can give me?! or trade

  7. ray Says:

    i can’t get the wings!

  8. aya Says:

    Who has the wing? I can trade you my sacred cat statue…

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