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Pet Society Updates – July 8th July 8, 2010

Here’s a few assorted updates to Pet Society:

  • The Garden Shop is now named the “Outdoor” shop.
  • There’s a new fizzyfish in the pond.  Reportedly, you can catch it with the drinks from the cold drinks vending machine.  I haven’t caught one yet, in spite of a lot of trying, and I’ll update the fish list when I finally catch one.
  • There’s a new “weekly” item in the Town Forest treasure hunt site.  It’s a Marie Antoinette fan (here’s a pic from the PS blog).  I’m too broke from all my other treasure and mystery hunting to look for it now!

Pet Society Ancient Egypt Treasure Hunt

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The latest Pet Society treasure hunt is in Ancient Egypt. Luckily, Momo didn’t need to build any contraptions to go there (not even a time machine). The only condition to go to Ancient Egypt is that your pet has to be in level 15 of the game or higher.

In case you didn’t notice this new treasure hunt location on your own, there’s a pop-up that Pet Society will remind you with whenever you go to your pet’s house.  I’m getting a bit tired of the notices myself because isn’t that what the newsletter is for?

Here’s the new site on the map:

You might notice that the dig site is different than the sites for the Town Forest and the Enchanted Forest.  The grid is not a rectangle, and each of the squares your pet digs at are a bit smaller.  I counted the squares up, and for both the Town Forest and the Enchanted Forest, there are 48 squares to dig up (including squares covered by random rocks,  snoring bears and other items). In contrast, the Ancient Egypt area includes 69 squares to dig up (including blocked squares).  In theory, it should be harder to find four items in 69 squares of earth than in 48; however, after digging, I wasn’t sure if it felt harder to find the items or not.  Does anyone have an opinion on this change in the treasure hunt sites?

Here are all the treasures you can find in Ancient Egypt:

Here’s a list of the Ancient Egyptian treasures (as pictured above from left to right) with their resale values:
Legendary Sphinx – 50 coins
Cleopatra Wig – 200 coins
Cleopatra Tunic – 200 coins
Ancient Pets Wall Painting – 200 coins
Ancient Pets Wallpaper – 200 coins
Egyptian Oasis – 200 coins
Pharaoh Headdress – 100 coins
Pharaoh Snake Crown – 100 coins
Pharaoh Tunic – 100 coins
Ancient Sarcophagus – 100 coins
Ancient golden bracelet – 100 coins
Sacred Cat Statue (Rare) – 3,500 coins

Did your pet find the treasures?


Pet Society Enchanted Forest Treasure Hunt

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Pet Society introduced the Enchanted Forest dig site a couple weeks ago, and Momo took a while to reach it because she had trouble building her hot air balloon (These collaborative items are getting to be too much for her owner!).  Here’s Momo’s completed hot air balloon, which allowed us to head to the Enchanted Forest.  The balloon itself is quite lovely.  You can display it and it has an animation where it sways up and down.

The Enchanted Forest is a pretty place too.  I love the color scheme and crystals in the ground.

After digging for a few days, Momo found all the treasures.  Here’s a picture of all the Enchanted Forest treasures:

Here’s a list of the Enchanted Forest treasures (as pictured above from left to right) with their resale values:
Enchanted Waterfall – 50 coins
Pixie Mask – 200 coins
Wooden Pixie Chair – 200 coins
Romantic Pixie Wig – 200 coins
Enchanted Fireflies – 200 coins
Pixie Forest Wallpaper – 200 coins
Flowers Crown – 100 coins
Pixie Dress – 100 coins
Pixie Shoes – 100 coins
Mushrooms Decor – 100 coins
Pixie Forest Floor – 100 coins
Magic Pixie Wings (Rare) – 3,500 coins

Did your pet find all the treasures?


Pet Society Mystery Items – July 8th

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Four new new mystery items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes yesterday. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a French Bear Plushie and a Pink Tasseled Cushion. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Black French Beret. Lastly, in the red mystery boxes, there’s a Romantic Blue Bracelet.

Momo found two bracelets and the French bear plushie so far.

Have you found any of the new items? What do you think of them?


Pet Society Free Gifts – July 8th

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Today, two new items were added for us to send as free gifts to our friends in Pet Society, the Blue Marie Antoinette Ribbon and the Sweet Purple Dress.

Too bad the boy pets are left out again!

Do you like the new free gifts?


Pet Society Win or Lose Box Update – July 8th

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Two new items added to the Win of Lose boxes in the Pet Society mystery shop. Momo got a few pies in the face, but had really good luck finding the new items and a bunch of the old crowns and hats (which she sold for a profit!).  The new items are the Sweet Striped Ribbon and the Unlucky Bunny Plushie.  The bunny does look very unlucky.  It seems to have lost its arms, and its ear is bandaged.  Poor plushie!

The bow has more fabric than Momo’s whole dress!  heehee!

Have you found the new win or lose items?


Pet Society Fun Park Mystery Eggs

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A new mystery egg machine was introduced in the mystery shop in Pet Society a bit over a week ago.  It contains Fun Park Mystery Eggs.  Each egg costs 600 coins.

Here are pictures of the 15 mystery items that you can find in the egg. There are 12 decorative items and three clothing items (the cotton candy falls in your pet’s clothing inventory because your pet can hold the cotton candy).  Here’s a picture of all 15 Fun Park mystery items:

Here are the re-sale values of each of the items:

Park Mascot – 266 coins
Colorful Elephant Plushie – 333 coins
Green Octopus Plushie – 299 coins
Pink Dog Plushie – 299 coins
Fun Park Wallpaper – 499 coins
Fun Park Floor – 199 coins
Park Entrance – 266 coins
Game Booth – 299 coins
Prize Stand – 199 coins
Fun Park Cutout – 233 coins
Park Trash Can – 166 coins
Bumper Car – 216 coins
Park Staff Uniform Top – 133 coins
Park Staff Uniform Pants – 99 coins
Cotton Candy – 133 coins

I was surprised by how big the mascot and elephant plushie were! I like that the balloons that park mascot holds are animated.  The cutout is also fun and Momo likes peeking out from behind it.  She also likes riding the bumper car!

Has your pet made a fun park?  If so, please share a picture  in the Pet Society World Flickr Group. If you aren’t a member already, click here for details on how to join and post pictures to the group.

Have fun collecting these items!


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