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Pet Society Food Clearance Sale Update July 5, 2010

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Playfish posted an official notice about the Food Clearance Sale. Since players pointed out that they inadvertently included many of the ingredients needed for cooking in the sale, they will return these ingredients to the food store on Monday July 19th.

The following foods will be returned to the food shop on July 19th:
Yellow Ribbon Cupcake
Classic Toffee Apple
Victoria Sponge Cake
Coconut Half
White Ribbon Cupcake

Since the pretzel and small loaf of bread are not on the list of items to be returned, be aware that if you need these two items to catch the pretzelfish or breadfish in the fishing pond, you should stock up on these two foods before the sale is over!


9 Responses to “Pet Society Food Clearance Sale Update”

  1. Passerby Says:

    Thanks very much, I always gets the useful information from your site!

  2. ??? Says:

    hi PSG i’m sorry it’s off topic, but could we send some coins to our friends? and if yes, how?

  3. yumyum Says:

    hey PSG girl i found out how to send coins: your pet society see the lottery and press spin
    3.after the lottery press the chest quickly
    4.and you see a bag of coins (inside are 50 coins)
    5. send to your friend

    i hope that helped 😀

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