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Pet Society Cold Drinks Vending Machine July 5, 2010

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There’s a new cold drinks vending machine in the Pet Society food shop and market today. This “just arrived” item costs 900 coins.  If you buy one, then you can purchase drinks from your machine for 50 coins. Also, if you have a friend with a machine, then you can purchase drinks from your friend’s machine.

There are ten different drinks in the machine, and your purchase will give you a random drink.  The drinks go directly into your inventory chest, so the best way to find out which drink you bought it to type “cold” in the search field inside the inventory chest. Here are pictures of Momo’s cold drink vending machine and the ten drinks she found inside it:

Here’s a list of the ten available drinks:
Cold Mint Drink
Cold Cherry Cola
Cold Lime Soda
Cold Grape Soda
Cold Coconut Drink
Cold Lemonade
Cold Tropical Drink
Cold Peach Iced Tea
Cold Cola
Cold Orange Soda

I actually drank a  cold peach iced tea earlier today.  Yum!

Do you like the cold drinks vending machine?  Are you going to buy one, or are you going to buy drinks from a friend’s machine?  Which drink is your favorite?


46 Responses to “Pet Society Cold Drinks Vending Machine”

  1. Pandina Says:

    i love the coconut drink =D
    i bought the vending machine and get 4 grapes before i actually collected the whole set

  2. Blossom Says:

    We can catch a new fizzy fish in the pond with the cold drinks from that machine 🙂

  3. Naruto Freak Says:

    All I need is the Cold Tropical Drink, Cold Peach Iced Tea, and Cold Orange Soda

  4. jojo Says:

    excuse me petsociety girl,but do you know how much it wil fill your pet’s hunger?

  5. […] All Drinks from the Cold Drinks Vending Machine by Pet Society World Released in early July 2010, these drinks can be purchased by the pet owner and all visitors. One drink cost 50 coins each. […]

  6. Petsociety lover Says:

    I like the cold cherry Cola. It looks cute 😀

  7. Mint, Lime, Orange, and Peach are the ones I still don’t have. I just got a Cold Coke, but the other ones are really common 😛

  8. ang Says:

    I love all of them ^^ I’ve spend so much of them trying to catch the fizzfish but no luck 😦 I like the cola one the best~ classic hehe!

  9. *Mrs. ViCorn* Says:

    It’s so cute

  10. Love-Line Says:

    i like cold cola and lemonade
    but why lemonade packing didn’t used can?

  11. Owee Says:

    I have all except the Mint drink

  12. Funny Says:

    I got the machine cause first i want to help my freinds and second its cool!

  13. Hedu Says:

    I can verify that it is possible to catch the new fizzy fish with Cold Peach Iced Tea, as I was lucky enough to have just caught it. 🙂

  14. PetsocietyFan Says:

    I have a question if my friend buyed a cold drink for the vending machine can i get a profit for it??

  15. jU$+in Says:

    i love all the items cold drinks because they were gorgeous and nice to see….. what a mouthwatering drinks from my favorite game petsociety you can add me this is my account nice meeting you all and

    thank you……. : 0

  16. dindi Says:

    how do have enough money to buy all those expensive stuff :O

  17. shana661x70 Says:

    i ❤ cold cherry cola! ❁❀✿

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