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Pet Society Food Clearance Sale Update July 5, 2010

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Playfish posted an official notice about the Food Clearance Sale. Since players pointed out that they inadvertently included many of the ingredients needed for cooking in the sale, they will return these ingredients to the food store on Monday July 19th.

The following foods will be returned to the food shop on July 19th:
Yellow Ribbon Cupcake
Classic Toffee Apple
Victoria Sponge Cake
Coconut Half
White Ribbon Cupcake

Since the pretzel and small loaf of bread are not on the list of items to be returned, be aware that if you need these two items to catch the pretzelfish or breadfish in the fishing pond, you should stock up on these two foods before the sale is over!


Pet Society Cold Drinks Vending Machine

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There’s a new cold drinks vending machine in the Pet Society food shop and market today. This “just arrived” item costs 900 coins.  If you buy one, then you can purchase drinks from your machine for 50 coins. Also, if you have a friend with a machine, then you can purchase drinks from your friend’s machine.

There are ten different drinks in the machine, and your purchase will give you a random drink.  The drinks go directly into your inventory chest, so the best way to find out which drink you bought it to type “cold” in the search field inside the inventory chest. Here are pictures of Momo’s cold drink vending machine and the ten drinks she found inside it:

Here’s a list of the ten available drinks:
Cold Mint Drink
Cold Cherry Cola
Cold Lime Soda
Cold Grape Soda
Cold Coconut Drink
Cold Lemonade
Cold Tropical Drink
Cold Peach Iced Tea
Cold Cola
Cold Orange Soda

I actually drank a  cold peach iced tea earlier today.  Yum!

Do you like the cold drinks vending machine?  Are you going to buy one, or are you going to buy drinks from a friend’s machine?  Which drink is your favorite?