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Potential Fishing and Cooking Problems due to the Pet Society Food Shop Sale July 3, 2010

There are a number of potential problems with the Pet Society food shop clearance sale pointed out by Tyson and Passerby.  We will no longer be able to catch certain fish, since we’ll be missing the appropriate bait. Additionally, we may not be able to cook certain foods, since the ingredients will be gone from the food shop.  I guess Playfish didn’t think about these problems when cleaning out the store. 😦

Cooking the festive pudding requires the white ribbon cupcake, which will soon be removed.

Cooking the orange cupcake requires the yellow ribbon cupcake, which will soon be removed.

I’m not at a very high level in cooking, so there may be additional problems in obtaining ingredients to cook other foods too.

The pretzelfish can only be caught with the soft pretzel, which is on clearance.

The breadfish can only be caught with the small loaf of bread, which is also on clearance.

You might want to do some cooking and fishing this week.  It seems that Playfish and the Pet Society developers didn’t think the clearance sale through very well.

Update: There’s an official update on the status of foods used in recipes.  Please see this post for the details.


24 Responses to “Potential Fishing and Cooking Problems due to the Pet Society Food Shop Sale”

  1. luis Says:

    Hello this is really hard i not have the pretzel fish = ( i need capture this fish 😦 Pd.Very awesome page is mi pet society favorite page

  2. Ever42 Says:

    Well, it might still work out. When you want to cook something, and you don’t have some of the items, you click the button and it buys those items for you, so you can still cook w/o actually buying those items. Plus, the unavailable fish thing is pretty normal, isn’t it? There’s always been those fish that you can only catch w/ TWS foods, so why think of just the clearance sale as the problem?

    • Cooking might still work, but there’s been no official response about this for the last two days in the Playfish forum: It makes me think that no one official even thought about the problems this would pose in cooking recipes.

      Fish that can only be caught with TWS foods are usually announced clearly by Pet Society, so I don’t consider that a problem per se. It can be confusing and frustrating for new players who miss out on being able to catch certain fish though, which is why I’m providing info that the food clearance sale has multiple consequences (unlike say, a furniture clearance sale). People who haven’t caught the pretzelfish or breadfish might want to stock up on the items, or they will miss out.

      • Penangite Says:

        Hi, I don’t think cooking will be a problem as you can still cook the vege kebab without being able to buy the red mushroom with white spots, right?

        • Penangite, I’m not able to cook the kebabs yet, so I’m not sure about that!

          • Penangite Says:

            Hi, I read your updated posts about the foods meant for cooking being returned to the normal status. But I don’t know where to buy the red mushroom with white spots even though I cook the kebabs regularly, coz it only takes half an hour. I’m at Fry Chef level. Cheers!

          • I think the red mushroom with spots was actually a table in the furniture store. I’m not at a high enough level in cooking to cook the kebabs yet.

          • Penangite Says:

            Thank you so much for the pointer on where to find the red toadstool – you were right, of course, I never knew where to find it!
            But I now notice that there is a stock clearance at the outdoor shop and the toad stool will be gone!!! That means cooking the kebab will be affected…. Hopefully someone realises this and brings it up. (I don’t know how to use the forum.)

          • Hi Penangite!
            The mushroom stool was really an unusual ingredient, since I think it’s the only one that was never in the food shop. I hadn’t noticed that it was on clearance until you pointed it out. I posted on the playfish forum, and a few others have too, so I hope someone in charge will see the posts. I wish they wouldn’t make these types of errors with their sales. I’ll make a post on this subject too…who knows, maybe Playfish will see it!

  3. Marti Says:

    Hi ! do you knw that hidini has new flags?

  4. ang Says:

    I have no luck in finding prezel, bread, kangaroo and emerald fish 😦 aiy~ I’ve fished for a long time and seems like the oil disaster has scared them away! ( prayers go out to those suffering from BP! that’d be all of us, we’re all affected one way or the other)

  5. Sombody Cool Says:

    why can’t i catch the pretzal or bread fish anymore??

  6. Ebola Says:

    I dont know if its just me , but i’ve used over 250 pretzels to get a pretzel fish and i still can’t find it… do you have any tips on how to get it??

    • Hedu Says:

      @Ebola: The pretzel fish was extremely difficult for me to catch as well. Even with the pro fishing vest and hat equipped, it took at least 200 tries.

      Unfortunately, the bread fish was even more difficult. 😦

      However, I did eventually get them both. Just keep trying and you’ll get them too. Good luck! 🙂

      • Hedu Says:

        I should mention that I did not buy the pro fishing vest and hat until AFTER I had attempted well over 100 times each for both the bread and pretzel fish.

    • I’m afraid I don’t have any additional tips. Some fish are just very hard to catch. Good luck!!

  7. I luckily caught the Breadfish 2 days ago and FINALLY; after all the time I’ve spent playing Pet Society and trying to catch it, I caught it!!!! (yesterday!!!!) 😀 😀 😀 😀 😉

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