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Pet Society Glitches, Problems and Torment June 28, 2010

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Pet Society’s been full of glitches all weekend long.  Players have experienced problems loading the game, problems seeing portions of the game screen, issues with the game freezing, and glitches in sending/accepting parts of the hot air balloon.

When trying to send requested pieces of the hot air balloon to her friends, Momo repeatedly got “We are unable to process this request” messages, and after the original request was gone.  ARGH. Also sometimes the “Send Pet Society Request to Friend’s Name” button isn’t even click-able.  I know my friend’s aren’t getting anywhere in building the hot air balloon because Momo and I are stuck too.

I also have problems in loading the full game screen.  The right part of the screen is cut off frequently, and doesn’t appear embedded in the Facebook window.  The save button and right scroll button are totally cut off, making it difficult to play.

In the screencap below, the game wouldn’t load, and in the error message, the right side of the screen is missing:

Playfish posted a message on their forums yesterday that the problems are being worked on.  Hopefully they will be fixed soon!


34 Responses to “Pet Society Glitches, Problems and Torment”

  1. Yin Xia Says:

    Gosh! I thought I was the only one affected! My pet society was “cut” too! 😦 Now, I don’t even think I can play now..

  2. Lulu Says:

    My was doing that too! I agree with Yin Xia, i thought i was the only one. I hope its fixed soon 😦

  3. ang Says:

    If you go use Chrome, u can get the screen to go full size 🙂

    1. Click the add friend button near your neighbor profiles
    2. When the screen load, or half loads, drag to the right side and you can click X to exit the screen
    3. You know can see the save button. Click the Blue button below and it will expand into more buttons
    4. Click the Full Screen button with arrows pointing out and you can now play and access all ur rooms yay^^

    I accidentally found this miracle 🙂 I tried it with Firefox but didn’t work. Give it a try and hope it works xoxo~

  4. turtlefly Says:

    ^– when i use chrome, it just works on its own- i only have the cut screen glitch in ie. but i haven’t been able to accept requests at all, so i stopped trying to that i could do them whenever they fix it.

  5. Black Kat Says:

    I had a lot of problems yesterday and this morning, but now it’s back to normal and I’ve built my hot air balloon and unlocked the enchanted forest digging site. As frustrating as the glitches are/were, i’m sooo glad everything is working again! 🙂

  6. steffi-san Says:

    Chrome works well, too. There’s no glitch for me there. But I really prefer playing PS in Firefox and the screen got cut there.

    I checked this morning and everything looks fine. I tried loading PS several times and never saw the cut. Looks like they fixed it. 🙂

  7. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt. If your screen is cut off everytime you try, try using different ways to get to the pet society screen. It works for me! Also, I dont know why I cant send ANY kind of request on a mac. Ive tried on all the macs at my house (which is a lot) and it doesnt work. But it works on the PC!

  8. Sara Says:

    I’ve always had that error page whenever I try to send free gifts, hence I can never send free gifts to my friends :S

  9. Pet Society Girl,there’s a new glitch…………and it’s about the new egg thingy in the mystery shop…….I got 2 cotton candies but there not in my chest!!!!! u shud post something about it too!!!

  10. Cjyhaha Says:

    It’s getting fixed,most of my branch accounts is getting maintenance(or how u spell it),anyway,the cotton candy is in clothes section.

  11. ??? Says:

    i tried loading PS this morning and it was fine, there is no cut in the right part, BUT my pet and his furniture in the room is invisible! i only saw the wallpaper…. what is going on?!

  12. Cjyhaha,unfortunely they’re still no sign of them!What will I do!!! 😦 BTW tnx for the info

  13. Natalie Says:

    When I loaded the game today, I found out that all my rooms were empty! I have no idea what happened to my stuff, and when I checked inventory, the items that were supposed to be in my rooms but were missing were just blank boxes. It is alarming! I hope they’re not gone forever!

    • ??? Says:

      me too! hope playfish fix it as soon as possible……
      anyone having the same problem??
      sorry my english bad…

      • neleh Says:

        wow!!!! Hahaha!!!

        I thought the problem is with my laptop when the right screen got cut. and when my lil bro ask me his PC only show the left side and he only sees one arrow, I told him maybe he downloaded a virus or something that’s why his computer only shows the right side when he plays pet society.

        I even scold him for being infront of the computer for a long time because he said pet society won’t load and it kepts on being cut while he is visiting his friends.

        LOL now I know I owe my bro an apology for scolding him.

        and the empty room. it happend to me twice I just refresh the page again then my things are back. ofcourse at first it made my heart stop beating for awhile hehehe.

    • eek! Are your rooms back to normal?

  14. Mine is fixed! Well I logged in today and nothing was wrong…

  15. somebody Says:

    found new glitch
    after you go hunting treasure, you’ll miss the chance to receive coins from visiting your friend

  16. Ava Says:

    Your patience far exceeds my own. The glitches with the hot air balloon, for me, meant using the same system as the free gift / sticker sending mechanism. The first day the balloon was released, I was giddy with excitement and sent out the new free gifts to all my friends: but that meant not being able to send out any requests. What’s worse, all requests friends sent me I couldn’t honor due to an error message — and they were deleted from my request page too! I couldn’t stand the thought of letting my friends down. Day two, I sent out half free gifts and half requests, and again any incoming requests couldn’t be honored. Thank goodness several days later, it seems to be functional for me. I hope the system will work out for everyone else soon too!

  17. Tracy Says:

    I’ve always had problems receiving the ‘free gifts’. I usually get a message saying someone sent a gift, I click to accept it, and every single time, it says “you’ve already accepted this gift from “so-n-so” today.” I HAVEN’T! Is anyone else having problems with accepting gifts?

  18. Nicole Says:

    Yes i understand!!
    I tried to accept a gift today.

  19. jonathan Says:

    why can’t open mine

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