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Pet Society Treasure Hunting June 11, 2010

There’s a new feature in Pet Society that was introduced today.  Now our pets can go on treasure hunts!  Just click the new icon between the camera and notice board to begin a treasure hunt.

You’ll open up a map with locations to explore.  Right now, the only active choice is the town forest.

Once you enter the forest, you’ll see the list of the treasures you’ve found. Right now, Momo doesn’t have any treasures.

You have to buy some shovels to begin.  Five shovels cost 300 coins.  In the future, we are supposed to receive five free shovels per day, which can only be used on the day we receive them.

Your pet will begin digging in a plot of land, and can choose any small square to dig.  Once you start digging, you’ll receive clues on whether a treasure is nearby or not.

Momo is hard at work looking for treasures!

The first treasure she found was a pink monkey plushie.

After finding four items at this site, the treasure hunting session ended.  You’ll see a summary of what you collected, and you can choose to do more treasure hunting!

Later Momo found the divine tiara (weekly item).

Here’s the forest aquarium (rare item).

She also found seven pieces of a dinosaur skeleton!

Momo had a lot of fun treasure hunting!  Here’s some of what she found.  This is a fun new feature, but you can spend a lot of money buying shovels!

Here’s Momo’s full set of Town Forest treasures:

Here’s a list of the Town Forest treasures (as pictured above from left to right) with their resale values:

Dinosaur Skeleton – 50 coins
Pink Monkey Plushie – 200 coins
Pink Snail – 200 coins
Running Pet Amphora – 200 coins
Summer Sofa – 200 coins
Flower Seed – 66 coins (grow the flower seed into a flower and sell for 200+ coins)
Ancient Wall Painting – 100 coins
Blue Fossil Shell – 100 coins
Ceramic Flute – 100 coins
Purple Mushroom – 100 coins
Fish in a Jar – 100 coins
Forest Aquarium (Rare) – 3,500 coins
Divine Tiara (Weekly) – 150 coins

What do you think of the new feature?  Which treasures did you and your pet find?


120 Responses to “Pet Society Treasure Hunting”

  1. Hunter Says:

    I think the new feature is really fun! Though some of the treasures are lame-A like the devine tiara though-and it can get expensive!

  2. Hunter Says:

    Love the summer bed! Didn’t find that one!

  3. Dawnfire Says:

    Thanks for putting this up! I got the dinosaur already 🙂 I want the aquariam though.

  4. Dawnfire Says:

    Does anyone know what the “coming soon” icon is? I hope it’s for free though (no coins or cash)

    • My guess is that it is the next digging site to explore for treasures.

    • ang Says:

      yea it’s a new site^^ oh boy oh boy, I can’t wait! Hope it doesn’t crash like the current forest site 😛 OMG it’d be so cool if there’s an underwater site so u can dig up sea treasures :O and maybe a heavenly site in the skies :O so many possibilities!!

      I hope the upgrade items frequently so we don’t get the same 10 items when digging for the weekly special lol~

  5. Nena Says:

    I found them all already, i love this new feature! My favorite things are the aquarium and the sofa, so lovely!

  6. Sarah Says:

    I like this feature. Found most of it, but not the amphora, crown or tank. Will have to go back and see if I can get those later

  7. Gaby Says:

    you were quite lucky! I spend a lot of money and I still haven’t got the aquarium! I barely got the tiara. An I got like 5 of each of the normal items


  9. Archy Says:

    I just keep digging flower seeds, I’m sick of them. I want to unlock all the items u.u

  10. Golden Libra Says:

    I got 4 dinosaurus skeleton ! But, I don’t find any aquarium.. I want the forest aquarium!!

  11. Chocolates Says:

    I just need the pink snail, but I have lots of flower seeds!

  12. ang Says:

    Wow u’ve even completed the dinosaur fossil! I’ve got them all except for that one. I regret spending money and digging up all the treasures…now I have to wait till next week for new items~ I noticed the 5 free shovels we get each day..I’ll just use those next time but I get so tempted when it’s treasure is nearby, or ur close…and end up buying more shovels 😛

    My fave is the monkey! so cute! I think the tiara will love beautiful with the next week’s dresses and wig. I also love the sofa and the aquarium, but wish it were a bit smaller ^O^ I think the new digging game is so much fun! good job PS!

    • I know. I got too obsessed with digging! haha, I should have used the free shovels too.

      • ericktan Says:

        yeah me too, i wasted like 3000 coins. then i realized that we get 5 free shovels every day. at least i didn’t spend the rest of my 9000 buying more shovels

        • ang Says:

          too bad we can’t keep them for the next day~ I guess it’s part of PS’s strategy cuz they know we will be tempted to buy more shovels once we start digging and finding treasure clues…

  13. Viennietta Says:

    I keep getting the ceramic flute…….. Its so irritating!!!

    But finally i got the tiara which is what i really wanted….. so all’s well with MY world again =)

  14. Misha Says:

    wowwww u got the rare aquariummm!
    that’s the only item i can’t get until now T.T
    gratzz ^^

  15. keepdahoney Says:

    Hey nice work getting all those items… must have been hard..

    and taken alot of money XD

    btw can you add me on your blog roll? thanks =)

  16. Ryuu-chan Says:

    Cool! Thanks for the list! As of now, I’ve found the snail, flut amphora, the tiara, the summer sofa (bed?) and the fish in the jar. I’m aiming for the Dino right now. Wish me luck! 😉

  17. Viienietta Says:


    I keep a secondary account for ps and the first time i logged in to do the treasure thingie……. I DUG UP AN AQUARIUM!!!! FIRST DIG!!!!


  18. Cutie Pie Says:


  19. Kaken Says:

    This new feature makes ps even more fun!! I managed to find all the items and I love the forest aquarium!

  20. Kingratunil Says:

    I always got the flower seed…. so irritating!!! but my patience worth… a got all of them yay!!!! also the rare forest aquarium!!! ^_^ but my pet is getting poorer OMG!!! need to visit lots of friends… and gamble in the mystery boxes…. -.-

  21. ceres-gal Says:

    lucky you!

    i haven’t got the flute and the aquarium
    gonna keep trying.. when i’m less broke xD

  22. dennis Says:

    is the tiara is this week special?

  23. Naruto Freak Says:

    I spent like more than 3000 coins to buy the shovels
    This feature is addicting 😛

  24. WingsofMemories Says:

    i can’t find the forest aquarium. that’s all i’m missing but i’m going poor as well lol

  25. michelle Says:

    well i got all of them…..

    BUT IM SO POOR!!!!!!!!!! ;(
    and i need more money but i cbs doing it lol once from 30.000 i spent it all, all the way to 1.000 T,T i got so angry that i started selling things now from my inventory from 15 pages all the way to 2T,T!!!!! I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD lol i’m bak to normal a bit WISH YER ALL LUCK (mee tooooooo) 😀

  26. Cjyhaha Says:

    I’m almost bankcrupt,and I STILL can’t find that damned forest aquarium!!!I used up almost 10000 coins(I used all 6 of my accounts T -T)……

  27. Cjyhaha Says:

    An add-on:The divine tiara MIGHT only be able to get this week,since its stated “weekly” and the coming soon cloud sign,i THINK it just,just might be a place among the clouds……(Maybe we can get a Kinto Cloud like the one in “The Journey To West” in China :P)

  28. LOL~~ Says:

    forest aquarium gives extremely much profits u know! I’ve found 3 ’till now and i sold the 2 of them, giving me 7000 an profit of 2000 sth. i’ve got ’em all and completed the fossils. i’m loving this digging thingy. :)))

  29. After spending over 17,000 coins.. I got them all!(:

  30. Sheridon Says:

    I’ve spent over like 20,000 and still haven’t gotten the aquarium or the blue shell fossil thing. O.o how strange

  31. Cjyhaha Says:

    Yay,I finally got the forest aquarium!My money is safe!LOL

  32. mitaki Says:

    love them all but im dying to get that forest aquarium and to complete that dinosaur fossil

  33. Nena Says:

    Can I ask you… Where did you find that beautiful dress for Momo? 🙂 I love it!

  34. Fish Says:

    😡 I can’t find the forest aquarium! Its quite hard, and expensive too :>

  35. Funny Says:

    i wasted alot of money for finishing the dino and now i have all of the things and 3 forests aquariums (i recycled one because it was 21000 reccling points)

    but now i am preety bored cause there is nothing else i can get

    and the treasure things are HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my house is full enugh, and the treasure things are so nice….

  36. Alena Says:

    do you know how often the items will be changed, like the mystery boxes change every week?

    • I haven’t read anything about how often the treasures will change.

    • ang Says:

      I’m assuming the weekly items changes weekly. I think the rare aquarium will stay for a while just because it’s so prized and coveted. I hope the other items change often! But I have a feeling they will stay same for awhile for new players.

      I think that’s why PS will build new sites for digging, to add new items. I hope they take the flower seed out because on their blog, it says treasures u can’t find anywhere else. Or at least make it flower seeds of unique flowers 😛

  37. i really want the forest aquarium but i havent found it yet, i also think that 300 dollars is kinda too much for 5 shovels because it takes a bit of time to find a treasure and then when u run out, u have to buy another pair of shovels for 300. 😦

  38. Crunchy Says:

    When i start digging at the first time, i thought the sleeping bear will be angry if we digging near him, LOL.

    • Me too! He sleeps through everything, I think!

    • ang Says:

      Actually u know what most times I start near his stomach or bum 😛 it’s true, there’s at least one item near him! The “clues” are really helpful! Use it to guide u… that’s how I found all of them, except for the dinosaur fossil cuz I kept on selling the pieces.. figure I have no room for them anyways lol 😛

  39. plarail Says:

    The shovel price is so expensive!
    i really not enjoy digging if the shovel price still 300 coins!

  40. Says:

    how come the divine tiara wont go into my inventory?

  41. haruko(my pet name) Says:

    too bad I didn’t get the aquarium,divine tiara and blue fossil shell
    but I already get the others
    and this app is so addicting and I already spend about more than 10 000 coins and keep get the same items 😦

    • Hi haruko, you can still find the aquarium and blue fossil shell. The tiara was replaced with a new weekly item this week called the happy kitty plushie. All the other items can still be found.

  42. vanesa Says:

    lo mejor playfis

  43. Sissy Says:

    While I was trying to find the racoon I found 3 more forest aquariums. Now I have four.

  44. Arturo Says:

    Hey, I spend all my money trying to find the monkey hat… instead I found the Mayor’s. That means that the other one is no longer there?

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