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Pet Society’s “Empty Room” Feature June 5, 2010

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There’s a neat, new feature in Pet Society that allows us to empty a room with a click of a button.   I’m really glad that Playfish added this feature because players have been requested it since the early days of the game.  It will certainly come in handy when redecorating!

You’ll notice the “empty room” icon just below the gift icon inside the inventory chest.

Click it when your pet is inside a room that you’d like to empty, and all of the items will be removed aside from the wallpaper and flooring.

What do you think of the new feature?


16 Responses to “Pet Society’s “Empty Room” Feature”

  1. Zannen Says:

    I think its really helpful. Especially with the ”storage’ room.

  2. Pet Society Mystery Says:

    Next week’s items all are from Restaurant City. This feature is also from Restaurant City.

  3. Pet Society Mystery Says:

    I have a bad news, EAFish remove Arabic Tent from Arabic Vacation Package. How sad 😦

  4. Joshua Says:

    This new feature is cool! I always have a hard time storing all my items when a new theme arrives. =)

  5. *Mrs. ViCorn* Says:

    I think it is very usefull 😀
    I’m glad Playfish made something new and usefull… and FREE 😀

  6. Crunchy Says:

    But when we emptying the room, all the stuffs are strightly put into the chest right?

  7. Zapdos56 Says:

    Im a male who likes pink but not everywhere

  8. Zapdos56 Says:

    Sorry, I wanted to post this on the wedding free gifts post

  9. Janelle Says:

    OMG! hAVE U GUYS SEEN D NEW ITEMS FOA TMRRW? i want d wig! 😀 🙂

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