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Pet Society Mystery Items and Win or Lose Items – May 6th May 6, 2010

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Three new new mystery items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes today. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Skyline Print and a Giant Monster Plushie. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Contemporary Zig-Zag Bookshelf.

Momo found the Skyline Print and Giant Monster Plushie so far! The plushie truly is giant!!

Momo can still carry it though!

Along with these weekly mystery items, there were three new items added to the Win of Lose boxes in the mystery shop. Momo got a few pies in the face, but she also found a Purple Owl Plushie and a Cute Red Ribbon Hat.  There’s also a Cute Pink Ribbon Hat that looks much like the red ribbon hat.  To see the previous items that you can find in the Win of Lose Boxes, click here.

Happy mystery box hunting!


33 Responses to “Pet Society Mystery Items and Win or Lose Items – May 6th”

  1. Andre Says:

    Hmmm the”Giant” looks like Godzilla for me. Cute Red Ribbon Hat! PF should consider the “power” of our pets. It doesn’t make any sense that our pet can carry the Holiday Gifts Snow Glass Ball and now this giant……..It giving me a goosebumps to know that Rinoa and Momo are “monster” disguise in cuteness….. > o <

  2. Pet Society Mystery Says:

    How much is red ribbon hat sell? Thanks. i want post it on my blog.

  3. Mystery Items make me want always to play this game. So addicted the new from Pet Society Game.

  4. Charmeh Says:

    I want to ask – where is the brown hat from?

  5. ceres-gal Says:

    cute new hat from the win or lose box!

    i got the pink one… going through tons of boxes for the rest +_+

  6. Malena Says:

    The weirdest thing happened today. My pet went to visit a friend, who had two lovely flowers grown in those new playfish cash flower pots. I clicked on one of them accidentally and… oh surprise! The flower was added to my chest. The same happened with the other flower. I wasn’t sure if I had gotten a chocolate rose and a ribbon flower from free, or if I had stolen them from my friend!.
    After that, I couldn’t save the game. The mistake number was 3051. It happened again and again so… no free flowers for me! If you have a friend with those flower pots you can try and see if the same happens to you.
    Best regards!

  7. Pet Society Mystery Says:

    I caught a newspaper fish today 🙂

  8. I found the Skyline Print twice already! 🙂 I guess, that one is easier to find! I hope to find the GIANT monster plushie and the TWS Sombrero before it’s gone!

  9. Viennietta Says:

    I NEVER EVEN GOT ONE!!!!!! what luck, i tell ya!!!! 😦

  10. petsocietyobsseser Says:

    i have been wanting that giant monster plushie soooo badly. i bought like thirty mystery boxes gold i have no longer any money after it took me soooo long to earn it all. 😦 is there any method or cheat to getting it i really want it super duper badly that i wanna break in tears. plz give me a response i have tried so hard and yet to fail so please give me a response back thankyou

  11. J Phe Says:

    Playfish are still ignoring boy pets then? Both sets of Win Lose items have been very feminine now =[

  12. jadz Says:

    the hats are small..when my pet wear kinda ugly*_*

  13. Dani Says:

    I got the giant monster plushie! My friend got it for me and she might sell it. So sad….

  14. cAte:) Says:

    i only got the pink hat…
    i wish pf would add more items..

  15. I found a White Sombrero that was labeled TWS in the GMB, yet we’re 1/2 way into the new week!

  16. Pink Says:

    Theres a way to get mystery items without losing money it works great for me bcoz i can earn some coins with it too. First you load pet society after it loads click file and check work offline on ur browser then go to mystery shop and buy a gold mystery box then go home and open it. If thats the one ur looking for click file and online ur browser and save the game. If you dont like it online ur browser and immediately reload the game without saving it. As i was saying u can earn some money too coz if u open a 999 item u cn sell it and save the game the coin will be added. And do the whole process again.

  17. 😀 I FINALLY found the GIANT monster Plushie! 🙂

  18. christine Says:

    i’m really obsessed with mystery boxes!!

  19. mitaki Says:

    when you sell that giant monster plushie how much is that?

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