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Pet Society Easter Greenhouse News and Mystery Item Removals March 23, 2010

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A Playfish admin announced that they mistake in labeling the Easter Green Houses as Holiday Special. It’s actually a “This Week’s Special” item and will be removed from the shops on at the end of this week.

A group of mystery items will be removed this week (generally this occurs on Thursday or Friday). The following St Patrick’s Day mystery items will be removed from the boxes along with three others:

Gold mystery box items – Star Shades, Glossy Red Surfboard Decor, Shamrock Rug
Purple mystery box items – Water Filter Jug, White Shamrock Cushion

I’m not sure if the Cute Mushrooms Decor will be removed too, since I’m not sure if it’s considered a St. Patrick’s Day mystery item. I’ll edit this post if I learn more!

The St. Patrick’s Day items are being removed too soon for my taste.


Pet Society Easter Egg Mystery Eggs

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There’s new Easter Egg mystery eggs machine in both the furniture and mystery shops in Pet Society. The eggs and their contents are giftable. Inside the eggs are decorations to place on three types of basic eggs. All of these items are “Easter Specials,” which means they’ll be on available in stores until April 11th 2010 at midnight GMT.

Each Easter Egg mystery egg costs 400 coins.

I found 22 Easter Egg decorative items from the mystery eggs as shown below:

The Easter Egg decorations sell back for values between 133 and 199 coins.

Easter Egg Mystery Egg Item Resale Values
Blue Sugar Smile – 133 coins
Pink Sugar Smile – 166 coins
White Sugar Roses – 133 coins
Pink Sugar Roses – 133 coins
Chocolate Frosting Twirls – 133 coins
Vanilla Frosting Twirls – 133 coins
Blue Egg Ribbon – 199 coins
Pink Egg Ribbon – 199 coins
Pink Bunny Decor – 133 coins
Chick Egg Decor – 133 coins
Pink Egg Rosette – 199 coins
Purple Egg Rosette – 199 coins
White Bunny Decor – 133 coins
Chocolate Frosting Swirl – 166 coins
Vanilla Frosting Swirl – 133 coins
Strawberry Frosting Swirl – 166 coins
Small Purple Ribbon – 133 coins
Small Pink Ribbon – 133 coins
Small Yellow Ribbon – 133 coins
White Frosting Decoration – 133 coins
Cream Decoration – 133 coins
Chocolate Cream Decoration – 133 coins

Nintendo Wii


Pet Society’s Easter Egg Greenhouse – List of Daily Flowers March 22, 2010

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Two of the Pet Society’s Easter Specials are the egg greenhouses. They don’t give away Easter eggs, although they are egg shaped. Each day from March 22nd to 28th you’ll receive new flower. You’ll receive the flower according to your local time (not GMT aka Playfish time). The greenhouses have different colors, but the set of flowers is the same for each greenhouse. Although the note in the store says to click on the greenhouse, I received a notice that I received a flower on my noticeboard.

Hopefully the greenhouses work correctly and don’t have the issues the Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes had!


Pet Society Easter Surprise Eggs

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Treat your pet to a 300-coin Easter surprise egg from the Pet Society food shop, and see what you find!

Momo found a baby pink bunny toy, a baby happy chick toy and a baby lamb toy. They each sell for 99 coins.

Did your pet find a surprise?


New Pet Society Items – March 21th March 21, 2010

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The new Pet Society items have also been added in the stores. There are lots of “Easter Special” items, which will be available in the stores until midnight April 11th GMT.

In the garden shop, the “Easter Special” items include an Easter egg tree seed, which can grow into three types of trees. There are also pink and blue egg greenhouses. If you buy an egg greenhouse, then you will receive a new spring flower each day from March 22 to 28th by clicking the greenhouse each day.

In the luxury shop,  the “Easter Special” is an elegant romantic bed, and the “just arrived” item is an elegant cream bed.

In the furniture store, the “Easter Specials” include the cabinet from last week, along with an Easter egg mystery egg machine, which is also available in the mystery store. Inside the mystery eggs are decorations for the milk chocolate, pink, and white chocolate basic egg. You can place the eggs on blue, golden, and pink egg holders. The pink and blue egg greenhouses from the garden shop picture above are also for sale in the furniture shop.

The “Easter Special” items include a white cello, elegant romantic bath tub, elegant pink dressing table, Easter bunny card, Easter daffodils card, elegant pink table, elegant pink stool, and a pink bunny plushie.

The “just arrived” items include a wooden cello, elegant bath tub, elegant cream dressing table, elegant wooden table, elegant cream table, elegant cream stool, and a cream rocking horse.

In the food shop,  “Easter Specials” are rose white and rose chocolate surprise eggs with special gifts inside. There’s also a hot cross bun and an Easter ham for sale.

In the clothing shop, “Easter Specials”  are a bunny ribbon hairband, pink apron dress, pink shiny shoes, and a pink ribbon hat and dress. The “just arrived” clothing items include a a blue ribbon hat and duck swim ring top.

In the DIY store, “Easter Specials” are an elegant pink curtain and elegant pink wallpaper.  The “just arrived” items include an elegant cream curtain and an elegant cream wallpaper.

What do you think of this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites?

I like the plushie, hot cross buns, and the surprise eggs.  The dresses are pretty too! There doesn’t seem to be much on sale for boy pets this week at all.


Poll: Pet Society Pianos – Old vs. New March 20, 2010

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I was curious whether people preferred the old or the new pianos in Pet Society.

Here’s a picture of Momo standing by the old “Piano,” which used to be in the gold mystery boxes.  It’s been removed now, and it’s no longer available. It’s very stately and grand looking.  My one problem with it was that Pet Society hadn’t released a suitable stool to go with it. I used to use the wooden stool, which sort of matched he piano in color, but it didn’t match well in terms of style.  I think the recently released country wooden seat looks nice with the old piano (though it’s a little lighter).  I’m glad there’s finally a suitable looking stool for it!

Pet Society new “Elegant Wooden Piano” was released two weeks back. I bought one thinking it would play music, but it actually just acts as a chair. Your pet will sit on the stool if you click the piano, and the whole piano bounces just like the other chairs do. The new piano is a lot smaller looking than the old one, but it has a matching stool, which is nice.

It’s a bit disappointing that neither piano plays music. Overall, I prefer the older one, which looks grander to me.

What do you think of the pianos?  Which one do you prefer?


Pet Society Mystery Items – March 18th March 19, 2010

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Four new new mystery items came out today. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s an Easter Egg Headgear and a Pink Bunny Headband. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Yellow Toy Duck. In the red mystery boxes, there’s an Egg Wall Decor.

Momo’s only found the Easter Egg Headgear so far.  She looks a bit like she just had a tooth pulled when she’s wearing it.

Have fun searching for the new mystery items!