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New Pet Society Items – March 26th March 28, 2010

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The new Pet Society items were added to the stores a few days early this week, but I only had time to blog about them at the regular weekly update time. There are more “Easter Special” items this week, which will be available in the stores until midnight April 11th GMT.

In the mystery shop, there’s a new Win or Lose Box for sale.

In the furniture store, there are new “Easter Specials,” including a ribbon rattan chair, elegant tea table, Easter Bunny portrait, pastel pillow seat, ribbon rattan sofa, and an Easter dessert table.

The “just arrived” items include a colorful pillows seat, an elegant white side table,  shelf, dining table, chair, and kitchen set, and an elegant pink shelf, dining table, and kitchen set.

In the market, the new “Easter Specials” include baby chick and pink baby chick balloons, “Happy Easter” wall decor, cute pink and cute blue Easter baskets, and blue Easter bells, along with the plushies and cards that were released last week.

In the food shop,  the new “just arrived” items are yellow and green flowers cupcakes, and a spring flowers sponge cake.

In the clothing shop, the “Easter Specials”  are a white bunny costume head, top and legs, a black bunny costume head, top and legs, a pink and green jacket, elegant green shoes, and a pink and green dress, ribbon, and shoes set. The “just arrived” items include a blue and brown jacket, cream pants, elegant brown shoes, a blue and brown dress and ribbon, and cute brown shoes.

In the DIY store, along with the “Easter Specials” from last week, there is a new sweets cream wallpaper and cream spotty floor. The “just arrived” items are the sweets blue wallpaper, sweets chocolate wallpaper, pink spotty floor, and spring view window.

Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites?

I like the bunny costumes, Easter bunny portrait and spring view window.


13 Responses to “New Pet Society Items – March 26th”

  1. mitaki Says:

    what are the thing used to be found in the win or lose box??

  2. Andre Says:

    Easter bunny potrait for 5.000 coins? 0_0 worth it. 🙂 . At last the kitchen renovations. after long time of living room, bedroom, gardens in whole 6 months at last the new kitchen items.

  3. Sissy Says:

    For some reason the new ltems were released last Thursday instead of Sunday.

  4. mitaki Says:

    why this Monday there are no new things ?

  5. sarah Says:

    have you encountered any problems on mac computers using pet society? a few people told me to be careful with facebook apps.

  6. DearDeer Says:

    It says “Pet Society Fine Art start your pet’s own fine art collection!” under the Easter Bunny Portrait. Do you think Pet Society is going to release any other similar portraits? Because I’m considering buying this EXPENSIVE painting.

  7. mitaki Says:

    what is supposed to do in the painting

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