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New Pet Society Fish (Release 31): Green Eggfish March 28, 2010

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There’s a new special fish in the Pet Society fish pond.  It’s a green eggfish, and it can be caught with the yellow flowers cupcake, green flowers cupcake and spring flowers sponge cake, which are available in the food shop.

Momo just caught one after fishing with two green flowers cupcakes.  I think this new fish will get along with the shamrockfish.  What do you think? Have you and your pet caught the green eggfish?

For more info on the fish and other items in the pet society fish pond, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List!


24 Responses to “New Pet Society Fish (Release 31): Green Eggfish”

  1. Joanna Says:

    woah i actually caught one right after i read this!:D

  2. Pet Society Mystery Says:

    food stop?

  3. razzen Says:

    got one after my 4th green flower cupcakes. 😉

  4. Sara Says:

    I caught many new fishes using the Easter biscuit bait, would you like me to list them here?

  5. Andre Says:

    Right away! to the pond. $_$

  6. Emily Says:

    i used 2 cupcakes and i got one:) it is cute

  7. J4in4 Solo Says:

    Kawaii-desu!!!! 🙂

  8. ray Says:

    i caught it with yellow flowers cupcake

  9. Claire Says:

    Can’t you get other colored egg-fish?
    because when i saw Playfish’s wall in fb, there were red, and other colored egg-fish!

  10. mine Says:

    caught it on 1st try =)

  11. The sweet tooth fish has come to you pet society lovers hehe 🙂

  12. jellyace Says:

    it was the first time i saw this today !! and after i try to caught one in just one bait i got it ahaha im so luck today !! ^__^

  13. jpyan Says:

    HI ps girl I just caught a new fish “SADDLE VALENTINI PUFFER” I used hot cross bun without pro fishing gear.

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