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New Pet Society Fish (Release 30): Shamrockfish March 14, 2010

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There’s a new special fish in the Pet Society fish pond.  It’s a shamrockfish, and it can be caught with the shamrock cupcake and shamrock drink that are available in the food store as “this week’s special” items.

Momo just caught one after fishing with four shamrock cupcakes.  This fish is huge!  Have you and your pet caught one?

For more info on the fish and other items in the pet society fish pond, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List!


New Pet Society Items – March 14th

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The mayor has given all Pet Society players a Haiti poster for sending in contributions for Earthquake relief in Haiti.

The new Pet Society items have also been added in the stores. There are lots of new items for St. Patrick’s Day.

In the garden shop, there’s a new message about making bonsai trees by uprooting trees in your garden. To make a bonsai, you must pay 7 playfish cash coins.  “This week’s specials”  are clover seeds, which can grow shamrocks or, if you’re lucky, four-leafed clovers. There’s also a pink greenhouse and a large pink greenhouse.

The “just arrived” items are a magic mushroom circle, a crystal greenhouse, and a large crystal greenhouse.

In the luxury shop,  “this week’s specials” are golden harp, emerald green cushioned couch, and golden pot.

The “just arrived” item are a wooden harp and pink flower seat.

There’s also an enormous clearance sale going on in the luxury store with an array of items at 50% off the original price.

In the furniture store, the “Easter Special” (on sale until April 11th GMT) is an Easter egg cabinet (only 200 coins!). “This week’s special” items are an emerald green bed, dressing table, sofa, stool, dining table, chair, side table, coffee table, and wardrobe. There are Leprechaun and Leprechaun’s wife plushies and a green shamrock cushion.

The “just arrived” items include an oak tree bed, table, chair, and swing.

In the food shop,  “this week’s specials”  are a shamrock cupcake and shamrock drink. There are also green, white, and light green shamrock balloons.

In the clothing shop, “this week’s specials”  are a shamrock green dress, ribbon, hat, jacket and pants, along with gold and green shoes, and gold ribbon shoes. The “just arrived” clothing items include a cute green ribbon hat, dress and shoes, a cute flower hairclip, cute blossom dress, and cute blossom shoes. There’s also a braided wig.

In the DIY store, “this week’s special” are striped shamrock wallpaper and an emerald green shelf.  The “just arrived” items include an oak tree window, door, shelf, wallpaper, and floor. There’s a magic forest at night wallpaper and floor set and a light blue curtain.

In the gadget shop, there’s a campanula lamp.

What do you think of this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites?

I like the oak tree furniture, the shamrock foods, and the new shoes.  I like a lot of other items too!


Pet Society Updates – March 12th

On Friday, Pet Society had another minor face lift and a few features were changed.

The coins for visiting increased to 50 coins for the first 50 visits each day, 25 coins for each of the next 25 visits, and 15 coins for visits after that. Each player can see their total paw points again (but you can’t see the total paw points of your friends). Additionally, you can get more paw points for washing pets. There’s a new coin bag symbol indicating friends you haven’t visited yet in your friend list (I thought the colored backgrounds were simpler). The shops in the town navigation map now have their names under them, which makes the map look sort of busy to me.

Pet Society has also added a new way to spam your friends. After you visit a for the first time during a new Pet Society day, you can post a free gift on their Facebook wall. Friends who accept the gift can send you coins back in return for the gift in another Facebook wall post, this time on your wall.  I think all this Facebook wall posting is thoroughly irritating.  I realize Playfish wants to advertise the game, but far fewer new players will join after seeing barrages of obnoxious spam all over their friend’s walls.  Since there’s already an in-game method for sending gifts, it would be simpler, more fun, and less intrusive and embarrassing to send gifts within the game.

Now that you know what I think, what are your thoughts on the new free gifts and the means of sharing them?


Pet Society Mystery Items – March 12th

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New new St. Patrick’s Day mystery items came out on Friday. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Cute Mushrooms Decor and a Shamrock Rug. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a White Shamrock Cushion.

Here are pictures of two of the news items.  I’m still looking for the Shamrock Rug.

Personally, I don’t think the Cute Mushrooms Decor is very cute.  What do you think?  Have you had luck finding any of the new items?

Update: I just found the shamrock rug.  It’s so pretty!  Here’s a picture of all three items.


Hopping Hideeni’s Hiding Eggs in Pet Society

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Yesterday, Hideeni was sighted around Pet Society dressed up as the Easter Bunny.  Momo was surprised to see him as he walked over a frozen pond.

Hideeni’s latest holiday treats are Easter eggs. If you click on Hideeni and choose to share his gift, then your friends who play will receive one of 14 Easter eggs. As with Hideeni’s other gifts, you can only receive one yourself if one of your friend’s finds Hideeni and chooses to share the news by publishing it on their facebook wall.

Momo’s collected six types of Easter eggs so far: red, orange, turquoise, purple, golden and mosaic Easter eggs.

Unfortunately, the Easter eggs cannot be given as gifts.  I wish they could because I have two turquoise eggs. The eggs are not edible or interactive. The smaller colored eggs may be sold for 33 coins and recycled for 200 recycle points. The golden and mosaic eggs each sell for 83 coins and can be recycled for 500 recycle points.  I’ll update this post with a complete list if I manage to find more eggs.

Have you collected any of Hideeni’s Easter eggs?  If so, which eggs are your favorites? Are you going to try collecting all 14 Easter eggs?  What do you think of Hideeni’s latest costume?  Is it his best yet?

Updated March 25th to add that I’ve collected a bunch of eggs, but I’m still missing the rainbow and pink eggs.